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March 2010 Summary — 3 Comments

  1. Hello!

    First at all, I find very usefull your site as long I am also a Megadroid user.
    I have a question: what is the difference between Alpari UK mini 1 and mini 2 ?


  2. Hi andrei,

    “mini 1” and “mini 2″” just refer to the servers these Alpari accounts were using.

    Mini 1 = “AlpariUK-Micro-1”
    Mini 2 = “AlpariUK-Micro-2”

    I probably should have used the abbreviation Micro 1 and Micro 2.

    I traded on both servers just to see if there was any difference in performance. On some brokers different servers perform differently. As you can see from my results, the performance turned out to be very similar, so I stopped trading on “AlpariUK-Micro-2” (i.e mini 2) at the end of July, and replaced that account with an Alpari Classic account.

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