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Megadroid Results: Tues 3rd Aug 2010 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi,
    Why dont u add the broker which megadroid team uses, Then it would be a more clear picture. I believe they use ATC-FXCM.

    Also pls show the settings which you use, most imp the risk settings.

  2. Hi Georjee,

      Megadroid Settings

    I use the default settings with aggressive mode turned on.

    I personally trade using fixed lots. My results are reported in pips and are therefore independent of the “risk settings”.


    I haven’t had any experience with ATC. My understanding is they are an Introducing Broker to several other brokers.

    I did trade Megadroid on a FXCM MT4 account for around 7 months last year. However the results were terrible compared to the other brokers I was using at the time so I stopped trading there. I had lots of slippage and order execution problems. I’m not sure if FXCM has improved since then. I’m reluctant to trade with that broker again unless I have some evidence that they have improved. Perhaps ATC have access to a better performing FXCM MT4 platform? I’ll give ATC a call on Monday and find out.

  3. You are right ATC is an introducing broker for FXCM. I have demo accounts in ATC and FXCM. somehow ATC/FXCM performs much better than my account with FXCM
    directly. Only thing is that ATC charge commissions. But when the going is good you dont mind paying that.

    Whats your opinion of Forexmeta, They again are introducing brokers for FXDD.
    The same story. account with Forexmeta/FXDD performs much better than FXDD directly.

    Maybe it happens in some months. I have tested only for 4 months. Lets see how it performs in 12 months.

  4. Hi Georjee,

    Demo accounts:

    Remember Demo account performance is a very poor guide to performance on real live Megadroid Trading accounts. All the results I’m posting are from my own real, live MT4 trading accounts, trading real money. Demo results will almost always be better.

    Introducing Brokers:

    I personally avoid all Introducing Brokers (IB’s). IB’s are organizations that are paid by the broker to market their services on the internet. They get compensated by the broker with either a signup fee and/or a commission for every trade you make. Some accounts setup through IB’s even have extra spread to cover these expenses.

    I know some IB’s give back some of the commissions to the clients in the form of “rebates”. But my view is the small size of the rebate (0.1 to 0.3 pip per trade) is offset by other factors e.g. the quality of the broker, a 3rd party (IB) having access to by trading records and personal details, and the potential for the broker to increase my spreads to cover IB fees etc.

  5. Hi Richard,

    Good detailed explanation. I would also do the same.

    Why dont you start a thread where other people also can post their live results.

    I have live accounts with FXDD and FXCM and I dont mind sharing my results.
    The problem with other forums are that the persons who make money trading Forex with EA’s keep quiet and the ones who loose mainly due to their bad settings, internet connections, lack of knowledge etc makes big noise.

    By the way the I think the personal details are directly with the broker only. Because its only on their page you enter that. Maybe I am mistaken

  6. Hi Georjee,

    Feel free to post any results you get in the comments sections of the Daily Results posts. I suspect your FXDD results will be very similar to mine, but it’ll be interesting to compare.

    I probably should start running a FXCM account again, but my past results there were so poor. I was using the MT4 Boston server at FXCM. I do know FXCM have a commission-based account with lower spreads. I suspect ATC are offering that product. Perhaps that’ll perform better with Megadroid than the one I was using. I’ll give them a call on Monday and find out. If everything seems OK, I might open an account there and start posting the results. Then we can see how they perform compared to the others.

  7. Hi Richard,
    I have tested about 7 brokers so far in 4 months,

    Alpari UK – DEMO

    THE BEST RESULTS I GOT IS FROM FOREXMETA AND ATC,so I have opened live accounts with them, As I told u earlier 4months is not an ideal testing
    period, Lets see how it perform in the coming months also.

    Anyway Megadroid looks good. Its does something that we cannot do manually.
    Like Henry Ford said if i need ideas I can always hire a smart person.

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