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  1. hi richard

    i use alpari uk classic and got same results as you.

    After nearly 3 weeks of no trades its good to see M/D is back,i have been using M/D since its launch march 2009 and have been very impressed with its rssults.

    My only observation is that once your account gets to a stage where its trading 6 lots plus is to reduce the lots by using fixed lots or decreasing the risk level as i found on one account this year in February 2009 it took a loss and whilst my other smaller accounts recovered the losses in about 4 weeks the larger account kept getting re-quotes from broker whilst the smaller accounts got filled.
    I had to eventually reduce the risk and it has taken 6 months to recover,Damn broker!!
    Great website i only trade M/D as such a brilliant tool in FX.
    I am sure 1.3 will continue delivering.

    good trading Asif (uk)

  2. Hi Richard,

    Wanted to ask you a question on fixed lots if you set a fix lot lets say 1 lot,if M.D. takes a hit every now and again will the recovery mode then recover this without increasing the lot size?? or does it recover using the fixed lot size in a loss situation.

    What sort of fixed lot sizes do you use please on your live accounts?

    Many thanks


  3. Hi asif,

    Lot sizes

    The lot sizes I trade vary from account to account and from month to month. I currently trade a total of about 300k lot spread across 9 accounts. I skew the lot size toward the better performing brokers using my Monthly Results as a guide. Right now most of that 300k lot is on the Alpari micro and classic accounts.

    Last year I was trading as much as 900k lot total, but I’ve been more conservative this year. If version 1.30 seems to be working OK, I might gradually increase my total lot size to 500k.

    But, I’m always mindful of how much I could lose if we get a 50 to 100 pip loss.

    Recovery mode and fixed lots

    My understanding is that recovery mode doesn’t have an effect on the lot size if you use fixed lots, but I’m not 100% sure about that. I just had a look through the Megadroid documentation, and that point wasn’t mentioned. For safety purposes it’s probably a good idea to turn off the recovery mode option if you’re using fixed lots just in case.

    Trading larger lots

    If I were trading 600k lot, I would definitely split it across 2 accounts at the same broker. MT4 brokers do have the ability the process orders differently once they exceed a certain size. You’ll only find out that threshold from trial and error. One approach would be to run a small account trading a 10k lot, and trade another account at the same broker using a 600k lot. If the small account is getting better fills, then move some of that 600k lot over to the smaller account.

    I personally try to keep the lot size small to improve execution. I did this even when I was trading around 900k lot last year.

  4. Hi Richard,

    Does 300k lot mean trading 30-lots across 9 accounts? Can you think of the ways to improve trade-execution, please? It seems that I am getting fewer trades than others though I am not trading large lot sizes by any means. Deleting log files and/or history files would be helpful?

  5. Hi Michael,

    300k lot is 300,000 EUR/USD. i.e $30/pip total

    = 3 standard lots, or 30 mini lots

    Improving order execution?

    It’s hard to answer, because everyone’s setup is different. It could be due to numerous factors. A delay anywhere could have an impact potentially.

    You could try using VPS and see if that improves the order execution.

    Not sure if MT4 log files or history files have an impact. I guess there’s no harm in doing a clean MT4 install and seeing if that improves things.

    You also might want to check the Windows Task Manager and make sure there’s plenty of free CPU and memory available.

  6. Thanks Richard,very useful info i understand fully.

    Also seems as if the MD boys have become major affiliates of other peoples useless ea s which just don’t work long term like their product.its a shame!

    Does there pro version deliver good results as md as it trades more pairs?

    Where are you based Richard?


  7. Hi asif,

    I don’t think Megadroid Pro has ever been released as a standalone product. I’m not sure how it performs. I don’t know anyone who uses it. It does trade more pairs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean better performance of course.

    The standard Megadroid is the only forex EA I use at present on my live trading accounts.

    I’ve developed quite a few EA strategies myself, and I know how hard it is to come up with a strategy that works for an extended period of time (i.e. on live forward testing), even if your intentions are good. Forex market price action has changed enormously over the past 4 years. Some say this is because of the increase in large scale algorithmic trading by hedge Funds and Sovereign funds. Megadroid is unique, because it’s managed to keep working for well over 12 months. Part of the reason why it’s been so good IMO, is that it trades a major currency pair (EUR/USD) that has a good spread, and the trading occurs during the quiet period of the trading day (i.e. between US and Asian sessions) when the big players aren’t usually in the market, and the price action is more predictable and mostly ranges. I’m hoping the good performance continues, but there’s always a chance it’ll fail at some point if the market dynamics change. The key will be to recognize when this happens, and downscale.

    I’m located in Australia.

  8. My results from Aug 11 on a $10000 demo account (auto lot size/non recovery mode)

    GO Markets : 2 Trades: + $2.18
    InterbankFx : 2 Trades: + $4.29
    Alpari UK : 2 Trades: + $114.45
    Tadawul : 2 Trades: + $16.00

  9. Hi Asif,

    I got MDPro as bonus when I purchased other EA thru MD’s email link. And I’ve used it along with MD v1.21 for a couple of months thus far. To my experience, MDPro on EURUSD, in particular, trades exactly as MD v1.21 does, subject to fauilure in order-execution, etc., of course.

    MDPro trades 3 other symbols: EURCHF, USDCHF, and EURGBP. The result from trading these 3 pairs varies a lot. At any rate, I wouldn’t dare trading EURGBP with MDPro. Some says that MDPro on EURCHF is identical to AccuScalper while MDPro on EURGBP trades like Forex Scalpa.

  10. Thanks Michael,

    Yes i have tried lots of the eas like fap turbo magic machine gbp bot ivy bot the list goes on!
    However the only ea i have complete faith in is MD

    Is there other EA as consistent as MD Michael?

    Regards and good trading


  11. Richard

    I just checked my vps account where i run my Md Accounts and all them our displaying

    I’ve just signed on to my VPS to check that MD is ready for another week under the new version 1.30 and I’m getting the following message:

    ‘Authentication failed – error(256)
    Error: server response failure’

    Furthermore when you try and click the smiley face to get into the properties it wont function.
    When you disengage md from the meta trader tab by clicking experts and get the x on md symbol and click again md is not refreshing.

    Is this a problem at their servers Richard? Do i need to do anything??



  12. I have done this and if i get reply i will post on to this website

    Ps:your website is brilliant Richard as i thought i was the only one that loves M.D.

    I call it my secret employee :))

  13. response from md support

    Thank you for your email.

    We had technical issue with our server, now it is solved and the robot should work well.
    Try to restart the robot several times (press F7 -> Ok) or reattach the robot to a chart (remove MegaDroid from chart (right-click on the chart -> Expert Advisors -> Remove), close chart, open a new chart and drag and drop the MegaDroid on it again).

    We hope this response has sufficiently answered your question(s). If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or log in to the support ticket system for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.

  14. Hi Asif,

    I’ve also tried quite a few EAs including FAPTurbo. Certainly, nothing beats MD when it comes to consistency, WINS, I mean.

    Nowhere close to MD, but Forex Shocker 2.0 is doing OK on my FXDD live account. I am trading Shocker only on EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDCHF; FXDD’s spreads for the symbols are 2, 4, 3, respectively. Like most other scalpers, you should find a right broker for Shocker. I know FXDD may not be the best broker for Shocker. My broker choice is rather limited, however, as I am a US resident. Before FXDD, I used Shocker on JadeFX account for a couple of months before they went offshore, dumping US clients. By the way, I just realized that Shocker is rather pricey at $299 currently. I paid $149 for it late January, though.

    Hope Richard doesn’t mind talking about other EAs. In fact, I am curious to find out if he uses other EAs for live trading.

  15. Hi Michael,

    Feel free to talk about any EA you want. I really don’t mind.

    I suspect many of us are looking around for alternatives to Forex Megadroid. It’s great to hear first-hand experiences from other traders.

    Other EA’s

    At this stage the only EA I’m trading live is Megadroid, and have been doing so since April 2009. I’m planning on increasing the amount I trade once I get some confidence with version 1.30

    I used to trade FAP Turbo on the EUR/CHF pair using custom settings. I did extremely well from Jan 2009 to August 2009, and then for some reason the trades dried up. I’ve never been comfortable trading other pairs with FAP. I might revisit this EA, and see if I can find a setup that works.

    I’ve had a look at countless commercial EA’s but never felt comfortable enough to trade them live.

    I’ve recently been doing some research on the Primeval EA. Not sure what to make of it just yet.

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