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Megadroid Results: Mon 16th Aug 2010 — 11 Comments

  1. Richard

    Got same results as you on Alapri.

    I see you use forex.com is this forex gain in uk?

    Whats their withdrawals like?



  2. Hi asif,

    I have an account at Forex.com Australia. I’m pretty sure the UK, US and Australian accounts use the same US trade servers. The difference is the UK and Australian accounts allow more margin and hedging.

    I have made one deposit and withdrawal without any problems.

    However, note that the NFA have charged Forex.com/Gain captial with some serious offenses. I wrote an article about it (Broker Warning – Forex.com using Virtual Dealer Plug-In).

    Because of this, I only hold a small account with them. Their performance in July with Megadroid was poor, but they have been OK this month so far.

  3. Hi dr zeus,

    I’ve been watching the spreads on InterbankFx over the past few weeks during the Megadroid trading session, and they’ve been consistently the highest of my Megadroid accounts. Today the average EUR/USD spread was 2.37pip. It used to be 2.0 pips before they changed to 5-digit quotes.

    I’m not sure how this will impact the future results. So far August has been a slow month.

  4. Hi Richard,

    Could the new MD v1.30’s AutoGMT be off by an hour?

    To my observation, MD v1.30 on FXDD live starts trading from 20:00 GMT, an hour earlier than normal with MD v1.21, if AutoGMTOffset set to “true”. Could the AutoGMT function on the new version be flowed? Whatever it is, would that be better to adjust GMTOffset manually?

    Today, I got a “sell” trade for 12-pips TP, with manual GMTOffset:

    01:00 sell 1.2826 –> 02:00 1.2814 12 pips

  5. Hi Michael,

    Yeah, I noticed that as well. Version 1.21 used to only trade after 5PM EST. This new version has placed trades the hour before.

    I’m not sure if this is intentional or not. I might ask Forex Megadroid support.

  6. Thanks Richard

    Yes thought so on forex.com.

    Forex gain in the uk are a client of mine as i run my own chauffeur company and look after their chief and sales staff from time to time.

    I have to say their sales staff are not very knowledgeable about forex,and not very professional,so i kept away.

    The other broker which i use here in the UK is Active Trades, I have been very impressed with them Richard.

    I started with them this year in march 2010 with a balance of £2000 I used .4 .3 and within 5 months had £1550 profit which i have all withdrawn and once i take another £450 out i am playing with market money.
    Thats how i work it always taking every month or 2 depending on MD withdrawals reducing my risk and playing with the market.



    ps:hope you dont minded talking about other EA S Richard

  7. PS;

    Richard please advise on Michael finding on the auto GMT setting if we need to change manually if you hear back from MD support.

    Many thanks


  8. Hi asif,

    I trade US stocks, and some forex manually. That’s the bulk of my trading at this stage. Megadroid is the only Forex EA I’m using right now, but I’m always investigating other options.

    Feel free to share your experiences with any other EA.

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