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Megadroid Results: Tues 17th Aug 2010 — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,
    My account with FXDD/FOREXMETA took a heavy loss -49pips.
    Its the first time this account traded like this, normally its on par or even
    better than other brokers.
    Trade details
    Buy: 00:41:43 1.2878 -> 09:04 1.2829 -49.0 pips

    Any comments.

  2. That’s strange Georjee. I didn’t get any trades on my live FXDD account today.

    Are you using Megadroid Version 1.30? Is the GMT set to auto?

    This is my FXDD log file…

    06:58:10 MegaDroid EURUSD,H1: Strategy2: Safe spread limit exceeded: spread = 5
    06:58:10 MegaDroid EURUSD,H1: Strategy2: Using DayDirection filter
    07:41:46 stdlib EURUSD,H1: loaded successfully
    07:41:46 MegaDroid EURUSD,H1: Buy operation failed – error(129): invalid price

    Note the time is my local time. To get the server time you subtract 7.

    So it looks like I had a buy order rejected at 00:41:46 (server time). Perhaps that’s the trade you got.

    If you look at the results from my other accounts, they managed to place that trade and close in small profit. Perhaps your buy order didn’t close for some reason?

  3. Hi Georjee,

    Sorry about the heavy loss!

    I didn’t get any trade on my FXDD live accounts, either. In addition to Richard’s questions above, do you have “Agressive” set to “true” or “false”, please?

  4. Hi Richard,

    Iam using MD 1.3 and the Gmt is set to 0:0

    As you said I think the buy order didnt close like other accounts and hit S/L.
    Anyway i will send them a mail regarding clarification.

    These losses has to be anticipated. You cant always win in Forex Trading.

    Lets hope this wont happen again

  5. Hi Richard,

    Regarding your FXDD account, what type is it.
    They have the normal metatrader and metatrader extreme.
    The spread varies also, metatrader extreme spread looks good but they have a
    minimum opening deposit of USD 10000/- Plus commisions.

    Mine is the normal account with spreads around 2 mostly without commission. I
    am thinking about changing to fxdd mt extremw.

  6. Hi Georjee,

    The FXDD account I’m using with Megadroid is a standard FXDD MT4 account.

    I actually do have a live FXDD MT4 Extreme account, but I rarely use it. The spreads are a little better than the standard account (but not always), but the commission is VERY high ($75/mill per side). So you pay 0.75 pip commission per side on any EUR/USD trade. I did trade Megadroid on the FXDD Extreme account in 2009, but the results weren’t much different than those I got with the standard FXDD MT4 account.

    I’ve posted a screenshot of the spreads on my FXDD Extreme versus FXDD standard accounts. As you can see the FXDD Extreme spreads (left) are better, but you’ll need to factor in the high commission rate.

    FXDD MT4 Spreads - Extreme Versus Standard Account

    During the Megadroid session the spreads on EUR/USD are usually either 1 or 2 pip on the FXDD Extreme account, whereas they’re always 2 on the standard FXDD MT4 account.

    Note that these accounts have been setup directly through FXDD i.e. not through an introducing broker (IB). Sometimes accounts setup through an IB incur extra spread to cover the rebate the IB gets.

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