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Megadroid Results: Thur 26th Aug 2010 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    I have had same results on changing my accounts to run like the the older v.12 version.

    I think at moment will stick with 1.3 but running like older version until 1.3 has established itself over a month or so.

    August has always been a poor month for trading may of been better that MD team launced this after August,but feel in time 1.3 will prove itself as Md wouldnt go backwards i am sure!

    This is a very good site for MD hardies!!

    Have a good day mate


  2. Thanks asif!

    It doesn’t take much effort for me to post my live results. I’m glad people are finding it useful. Previously I was recording my results on a spreadsheet anyway.

    The whole aim is to help people squeeze the most performance out of Megadroid as they can.

    I’m not so discouraged by August actually. Traditionally it’s a quiet month, and a 35 pip loss isn’t too bad. I’m still a little unsure about the merits of the earlier trade times with version 1.3, but at least now I have the new settings as a backup.

  3. Yes pleasure Richard,

    I was a little concerned on one of the comments i saw about a guy who got margin called on the new version had a balance of usd4250 was supraised as i thought MD would take into account margin required as if set on 0.1 or 0.2 should of been ok i would have thought.


  4. Hi Richard,

    You wrote a few days ago that you would call ATC Brokers to find out whether ATC had access to a better performing FXCM MT4 platform. I’d very much like to hear about this, please.

  5. Hi Michael,

    I had a chat with ATC

    ATC have developed their own custom Metatrader platform. They currently use FXCM as the liquidity provider for that platform. Apparently they have access to a special pool of liquidity with FXCM. So their MT4 setup is different than what you’d get at FXCM.

    Their spreads are meant to be good, but they charge commission – about $40/mill each side.

    They require an opening balance of $5000 USD.

  6. Hi Richard,

    Thanks a lot for your follow up on ATC!

    So, would that be fair to say FXCM is ATC’s clearing house as well as liquidity provider? Based on your chat, would you open a live account at ATC if the $5,000 opening balance requirement is no barrier?

  7. ATC just provide their customized MT4 front-end. FXCM provide the liquidity and clear all the trades. The account funds are held at FXCM and all the back-office operations are done through FXCM. ATC answer technical issues related to their MT4 platform, and they’ll contact FXCM on your behalf for other issues apparently.

    ATC used to use HotSpotFx until they were bought out by FXCM.

    If ATC were using a broker other than FXCM I would try them. But I’ve personally had some poor experiences with FXCM over the years. I’ve found their order execution to be poor – lots of excessive slippage, plus other execution problems. I have used the MT4 and Active Trader accounts. I’ve also found their customer support to be generally poor compared to most other brokers.

    Ultimately the only way to see how they’d perform with Megadroid would be to run a live account. I’ve run Megadroid on a standard FXCM MT4 account last year, and the results were unbelievably bad. The ATC version should perform better.

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