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Alpari UK (Late) Megadroid Settings – No longer used — 8 Comments

  1. hi Richard,

    i dont have MD normal but MD pro which i run only on eur/usd. my results are pretty similar to normal MD. i wanted to ask since version 1.30 opens an hour earlier does it also close an hour early too?

  2. Hi forexforever,

    My understanding is that the duration of the trade window is the same. The only difference is that it has been shifted forward an hour. So it starts trading 1 hour earlier, and ends 1 hour earlier.

    On Alpari, Megadroid 1.30 with default settings only opens trades during the 22:00 and 23:00 server hours. The Late Settings make it trade 1 hour latter i.e during the 23:00 and 0:00 server hours, like version 1.21.

  3. ok, thaks so much for your answer.

    I think its hard to judge the late version as i have found when i use it on a gmt setting other than the default it trades very very differently. i am not sure if you have tried it on other gmt offsets but previously people were using them and having some success. I used to trade MD on -1, 0 and +1 (+1 been default) both -1 and 0 would trade every single night with out fail and would open at least 2 trade a night and sometimes 4 or 5 a night. when it was profitable it was ok but due to the massive amounts of trades a few more SL’s would occur. of course a few SL in a short period and it was unprofitable and i stopped using it. I truly found that if other GMT’s other than default were used it would completely disrupt the normal high accuracy, slow but steady style of MD. i dont know if its the same here or if you or anyone has had the same experience but i tried it on a few brokers and it was always the same inaccurate overtrading MD EA.

  4. forexforever, thanks for those comments.

    I haven’t had a lot of experience trading Megadroid with non-default GMT settings. The Alpari-UK Late account is my first experiment. Thus far the default settings have been performing better.

    I think you touched on a key point i.e. more trades are not necessarily better.

    The key to Megadroid performance IMO, is to keep the stop frequency low (1 stop every 2-3 months), while getting an acceptable number of trades through (6 to 12 per month). If a non-default GMT setting results in 1-2 stops per month, it’ll be hard for Megadroid to be profitable over time even if it is getting more trades.

  5. Hi Richard, yes that exactly the problem. You should set a demo account up and run those 2 charts of -1 and -2 hrs from default and see if it is still the same as before.


  6. also richard, if you had to choose just 1 broker out of all you have tested what broker would you choose? I am currently trading on Alpari Pro and standard accounts

  7. One broker?

    Difficult question.

    Right now I’d probably have to say Alpari UK, because they’ve been a consistent performer for the past 18 months, even though other brokers beat them from time to time. They also offer high leverage, which means you can trade with a smaller account balance. I like keeping my account balance as low as possible just in case. I’d use my Default Settings if I only had 1 account.

    I do have high hopes for the InterbankFx Australia account. The InterbankFx US account has performed very well over the past 6 months, and the Australian account offers higher leverage (up to 1:400), and should perform the same because the trade servers are actually located in the US.

    I don’t have an Alpari Pro account. I’ve heard they perform very well. I might consider it at some point. They do require a 20kUSD minimum balance, and my understanding is the minimum lot size is 200k.

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