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Megadroid Results: Mon 25th Oct 2010 — 5 Comments

  1. VERY lucky not to get a large loss today.

    At one point 2 EUR/USD longs were open, down -54 and -48 pips. If the EUR/USD didn’t rally we could have easily lost 100 to 120 pips total wiping out a few months profits.

    I guess it was a good reminder as to the risk involved trading with this robot.

  2. As I see, you don’t have IamFX, so I post my results for last night:

    Open time Type Open Close time Price Pips

    2010/10/25 22:52:00 Buy 1.39562 2010/10/26 01:34:00 1.39567 0.5
    2010/10/25 21:03:00 Buy 1.3967 2010/10/26 02:43:00 1.39683 1.3
    TOTAL +1.8

    You should know that IamFX charge a commission of 1 pip/lot (So, my results were negative -0.2 pips. Lucky because I have a rebate of 0.2 pips/lot)

  3. Hi Xere,

    Thanks for those results. I assume 1pip/lot commission means $50 USD/mill per side. On MB Trading my commission is $30/mill per side, or 0.6 pip roundtrip. So it’s similar to what you’re paying after the IB rebate.

    Even if Megadroid places 10 trades in a month, the cost in commissions will only be 6pip (10 x 0.6), so its not a huge factor.

  4. Hi George,

    I’m not sure of the exact formula, but Megadroid calculates it’s stops based on elapsed trade time, the size of various candles, and whether the trade is the S1 or S2 types.

    While most stops are in the 50-60 pip range, I’ve seen stops as low as 42 pips and as high as 85 pip. On occasions there have been 2 trades that have stopped out on the same day, resulting in a cumulative loss of over 120 pips. That happened once in July 2009.

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