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Megadroid Results: Wed 27th Oct 2010 — 12 Comments

  1. The Go Markets trade stopped out because it’s entry price was poor due to excessive slippage (about 5 pips worse than Alpari), which prevented it from closing earlier. Not a good advertisement for that broker.

    I’m not sure why Forex.com trade stopped out. The entry price seemed to be OK. I checked the logs and there were no server disconnections.

    Sometimes there’s a fine line between a small profit and a large loss with Megadroid.

  2. I am using Megadroid 1.21 for about five months with the broker’s account Activtrades standard for the EUR / USD has a fixed spread of 2 pips. Using a high level of risk as I set the risklevel to 0.35 while leaving the other default settings. In mid-October MD has suffered a loss of 40 pips stop completely recovered within two or three days with three or four transactions with the lot size doubled compared to normal. MD Today has suffered a stop loss of 70 pips which I hope to recover soon. I saw that other users of MD using the version 1.30 on the same broker did not suffer nor the stop loss in mid-October or that of today. What is the best version of MD, the 1:30 or the 1:21? Do you think goes well with the broker Activtrades Megadroid? I noticed that MD Activtrades ago on operations with results similar to those made on Alpari UK (classic account or micro).

  3. Hi Angelo,

    Version 1.30 or Version 1.21?

    Note that the default version 1.30 Megadroid trades one hour earlier than the default 1.21 Megadroid. That is the main reason why you’re seeing different results.

    For the past 3 months I’ve been running one account with version 1.30 configured to trade the same hours as version 1.21. This account is called “Alpari UK (LATE)” in my Daily Results and Monthly Results. All my other accounts trade using the default (auto-gmt) version 1.30 settings.

    I did this so I could compare the performance of version 1.30 to version 1.21

    From my Monthly Results you can see that the default 1.30 accounts all performed better than the ALPARI UK (LATE) account that trades like version 1.21. The trade count and pip performance have been better.


    I don’t have any experience with that broker. But if they’re performing like Alpari, then they should be fine in terms of performance.

  4. Hi Richard!

    Can you please tell me how do you trade with lots?
    Lets say that you start a new account with 1.000 usd (1:500 leverage): what will be the size of the lot? And when do you increase the size? Or lower it?

    Thank you again!

  5. Hi andrei,

    I personally trade using fixed lots. This is done by setting RiskLevel=0, and the LotSize = lot size you want. I trade a total of about 250k lot, spread across all my trading accounts.

    For a 1kUSD account, I personally wouldn’t trade more than a 20k lot. Remember, 100 pip losses can happen, and that would result in a 20% drawdown. You could probably get away with 30k lot on a 1k account with 1:500 leverage.

    When setting lot sizes, it’s important to be aware of how much money you’re putting at risk. With 250k lot total, I am actually risking a 2.5k USD loss should megadroid lose 100 pips. That’s pretty much all I want to risk. So make sure you’re risking an amount that you feel comfortable with.

  6. Ok. But after the first loss you double the size of the lot until you recover the money and then came back to initial lot size? Or…

  7. Hi andrei. I don’t use “recovery mode” if that’s what you mean. I trade the same fixed lot-size for each megadroid trade. The way I see it, is that every trade has the same probability of winning or hitting a stop, so it doesn’t make sense to double the lot size after a few losing trades.

  8. Hi Richard. I agree completely with your logic. My “problem” is that with a 1.000 usd even with a 2.000 usd account, I will wait for years to benefit from the money I invested. Otherwise, with a 20.000 account I will be happy to risk only 1% per order.
    Thank you again for your time.

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