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Megadroid Results: Mon 1st Nov 2010 — 3 Comments

  1. Last night VPS from IamFX was frozen. Due to the fact that I am testing MD on a demo account from TadawulFX (interesting broker with 2 pips fixed of spread), I made my trade almost by hand from my local MT4, following a trade launched by TadawulFX (it launched 2, but my head can’t control everything!):

    2010.11.01 22:39 sell 1.38984 -> 23:10 1.38926 5.8 pips

    Of course, I lost confidence about the free VPS gave by IamFX, and I am looking for another with better performance. Could you recommend to me any?

  2. Hi Xero,

    Companies like CNS, SWVPS, NYCVPS, and Galaxy Visions all offer decent VPS services.

    All usually offer a cheap Windows VPS (around $40 per month), with less memory and less processing power allocation, and a more expensive VPS (around $60-70) with more memory and processing power.

    The problem with VPS’s is there’s numerous users on the one VPS server. Each user is allocated a slice of the processing power and memory. If the server is overloaded, or poorly maintained, they tend to crash or become very slow.

    The best solution is a dedicated server, but these cost around $100 per month upward. Then you’d have the whole server to yourself, and that generally means better performance.

    Right now I personally trade Megadroid on a spare home computer that I’ve setup as a server. I’ve found this to be at least as reliable as a VPS. I use servers for other sorts of trading though.

  3. Thanks, Richard. I’ve purchased Forex VPS, its basic solution, for 35$/month, and with a Casbackforex rebate of a 15%. So, 30$/month (the IamFX rebate program gives me around 40$/month, so with this its paid).

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