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Megadroid Results: Wed 3rd Nov 2010 — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    Two losses, yikes! That’s what scares me, one loss compared to the small profits is bad enough but two big losses could wipe out everything it’s taken you months to gain.

    I logged into mt4 at 4:15 and it immediately opened a sell trade, I wasn’t sure about that trade so when it went into profit I closed it off manually.

    That FOMC spike today was crazy! 🙂


  2. Richard, why have you set gmtOffset = 2 in your Alpari UK (Late) account? Alpari is settled on London, isn’t? I believe it should be gmtOffset = 0

  3. Hi Xere,

    The “GmtOffset” parameter is not an absolute GMT setting, but rather an offset used to adjust the time when Megadroid trades when the Auto GMT parameter is set to false.

    On Alpari accounts, when GmtOffset is set to 2, Megadroid will trade one hour latter than it does with the default auto-gmt settings. So it places trades during Alpari server hours 23 and 00 instead of 22 and 23. You can see this in the results I’ve been posting. You can also check it if you run a backtest on an Alpari account. Today, for example, the Alpari Late account placed a trade in the 00 hour, whereas the default auto-gmt Alpari accounts didn’t place that trade because they only trade during server hours 22 and 23.

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