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Megadroid Results: Thur 11th Nov 2010 — 11 Comments

  1. The MB Trading account log showed several “No Connection” error messages when Megadroid was attempting sell EUR/USD. Hence the missed trade.

    As I write, the Alpari UK LATE account has 2 short trades open. Each down about 30 pips. We seem to be getting big breakout moves on EUR/USD after 6pm EST this week. Luckily the default accounts stop trading before then.

    Update: the Alpari UK LATE account trades closed for a small profit. In the current market conditions, trading 1 hour latter seems more risky.

  2. Hi Richard,

    I have been following your reports now for several months. I started a demo account with Alpari Classic, and now have gone live. I started live this passing Tuesday. However I missed both trades. Upon investigating I realized that I had set Aggressive to False (when I was on demo I was True). I did this after reviewing some boards and realizing it is less risk. However this is the only difference in my settings and yours. Could this be the reason why I missed the trades? Also can you let me know in your trades for the last two days which reference they are i.e. S1_Reference or S2_Reference. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I just had a look at my Alpari Classic account trades this week. I got 3 trades, and 2 of them were the so-called “aggressive mode” S2 trades. That’s probably why your trade counts were low.

    I personally think the term “aggressive mode” is a bit misleading. Megadroid can place 2 types of trades – the S1 type and S2 type. They just label the S2 trades as “aggressive mode trades” for some reason. I’ve always traded S1 and S2 trades, since I began using Megadroid in April 2009. S2 trades don’t seem to be any more risky than S1 trades to me. I’ve had stops with both types of trades, and get similar profits and trade counts on both.

    If you wanted to trade both S1 and S2 with the same dollar-risk to your account, a good approach would be to just half the lots (or Risk Level) you trade. So for example if you were trading a 100k lot with aggressive mode off (i.e. S1 trades only), then trade 50k lot with aggressive mode on. Enabling S2 trades will approximately double your trade count each month.

    What is risky IMO is “Recovery Mode”. That’s a feature that doubles the lots size after a few consecutive losses. I disable that one.

  4. Hi Richard,

    Today was better, it took only the one trade for 7.6 pips at 22:05. I had noticed for the month that I was trading the demo that it seemed to be similar to the results from InterbankFx.

    Today the spread seemed to be below 3 pips for the majority of the trading time, unlike yesterday. Yesterday stood out for me because of the spread, it was unusually high for most of that trading time, saw it go as high as 3.5 pips.

    I seem to be having more issues with the live account than the demo. The demo was a mini account, the live account is is micro. FXCM does not usually let you use MT4 with micro accounts, and I changed the lot size from 0.1 to 0.01 but that’s about the only differences and I can’t see that causing the issues. (You have to use the FXCM micro account platform if you want to trade microlots, which is a seperate branch, but I wanted the ability to be able to tsf money inbetween accounts as well as use a micro account for an EA. Alternatively, I was looking at opening an Interbank account if I couldn’t get what I wanted)

  5. Hi Xere,

    That’s strange. MB Trading was the only account I had that didn’t place the trade and that was because the MB server was rejecting trades at the time for some reason.

    Did you check the MT4 log?

  6. Hi Elvis,

    In general Demo accounts will always perform better than Live accounts.

    Probably the best approach with your live FXCM account, is to just watch the trades closely over the next month or 2 and compare the results to what I’m getting at other brokers. The Monthly Results section is good for comparing Megadroid performance at different brokers.

  7. Well, I know why IamFX made no trades last night. It was an error at the same moment MD did try to enter: their server was disconnected. I suspect that IamFX makes maintenance jobs in its server exactly when NY session closes. These kind of errors, are common between all other brokers?

  8. Hi Xere,

    I had the exact same problem on my MB Trading account, and missed that trade as well. Disconnects do happen from time to time, especially when the price is moving fast and a lot of EA’s are trying to place trades on the trade server at the same time. Missing 1 or 2 trades a month because of server disconnects is not uncommon. But any more than that would be a concern.

  9. Hi Almandine,

    Save a “Detailed Report” from the MT4 terminal Account History. You’ll see the magic number for the trade under the close price.

    For S1 trades, magic number = 33333337
    For S2 trades, magic number = 77777773

    That’s assuming you’re using the default S1_Reference and S2_Reference settings (see Default Settings)

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