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Megadroid Results: Wed 17th Nov 2010 — 14 Comments

  1. Not a great day for Megadroid. Seems there was an equity market rally shortly after the sell order was placed. The ES futures contract soared, dragging all the spot forex pairs along with it.

    Only 2 accounts have stopped as I write, but I suspect the others will follow shortly unfortunately.

  2. The trades on the FXPro and Alpari UK (Late) accounts just avoided the stop, and are currently about 50 pips down. I didn’t get a trade at MB Trading or FXDD for some reason.

  3. IamFX 2010/11/17
    22:57:36 Sell 1.3529 -> 03:30:33 1.35947 – 65.7 pips

    Sad. But I have a question: why the lots showed in the screen, right now after a great loss, are not doubled, if Recovery mode is on?

  4. Hi Xere,

    My understanding, is that recovery mode only takes effect after a few consecutive losses. I’m not sure of the exact number of losses or whether it depends on the size of the loss(s), or whether the recovery mode lot size is displayed on the chart. I personally trade with recovered mode set to false.

    Megadroid support maybe able to answer your question better than I can. (support[at]forex-megadroid.com)

  5. Hi Richard,

    I had a 68.3 pip loss on FXCM and am now down to less than what I started with on the live account, sux :(.

    Looking at the order, the stop was filled about 1.3 pips above what the stoploss was set at as well.

    Is magadroid taking more losses lately or is this inline with what you’ve observed?

    Thank ya,


  6. Sorry, it was my fault because I hadn’t seen well my screen. Recovery mode is working well, it’s doubling the bet. What a fear!

  7. Strange I didn’t have any trades yesterday on my live account…
    No error messages either. Seems to be running fine, infact its opened a short and ive closed it manually for a 2% gain tonight (Thursday 18th Nov) MD should claw the losses back soon enough. The track record is good.

  8. 1. Recovery mode doubles the lot sizes immediately after a loss, and it remains in effect until the loss is recovered. On my conservative account I have this setting enabled, and it already doubled the lot size after this recent loss.

    2. Both the one in August and this recent SL hit my conservative account too. The conservative MD will have fewer trades than the aggressive, but recovery is ON, so we will see which account will recover sooner.

  9. Hi folks,

    Firsly, thanks very much for these live MD results! Its awesome. My live alpari (micro) MD account always performs exactly (to the second) as the results you show here for the mini account, however, on Wed 17th November, I got the same pain everyone else seems to have of -63.3 pips, BUT MD also placed a trade at 22:5 at price 1.35300 which also reached the stop, losing me another 61.6pips! So I got total loss in one day of 124.9 pips. I am now down compared to when I started. Ouch!

    I just wondered if anyone else also got this extra losing trade?? Maybe it is because I signed up tot the Alpari Credit Bonus scheme and something strange is happening?? Any help would be much appricated!!

    Thanks in advance.


  10. Hi George,

    That sounds strange. I only got one trade.

    Were both trades open at the same time?

    The other thing to do is to find out whether the trades were the S1 or S2 type. You can do this by printing out a Detailed Statement, and then looking at the magic number under the close price. If the number is 77777773, then it’s a S1 trade, if it’s 33333337, then it’s a S2 trade.

    The losing trade I got was the S2 type. I wonder if your account also opened an S1 trade or opened 2 S2 trades.

  11. Ok, some nice thoughts. Thanks for that Richard. I will check that out.

    One other think I was thinking for the reason for 2 trades instead of 1, is that I lost internet connection for a few hours, 4 hours before the trades kicked in. Do you reckon this could be the reason too? Do you have experience of this? I was wondering how important the 24/7 connection is for MD?


  12. Strangly enough my FinFX MD traded twice on this day, both big losers. Just about wiped out all gains for the past 6 weeks.

    23:54 1.35302 -> 05:23 1.35903 -60.1 pips
    00:48 1.35305 -> 05:23 1.35922 -61.7 pips

    Maybe it has something to do with timezone or GMT offset. I have GMT offset manually set at +2 (FinFX’s time). My server has its time set to GMT+5 but is labeled as GMT, which throws off lots of things. And I can’t change it because I’m on a VPS. Perhaps MegaDroid got confused?

  13. Hi Neal,

    That’s interesting. Something similar happened to George (see previous comments). It seems that you got an extra sell trade just after the close of the hour.

    It looks like FinFX has the same server time as Alpari. So with default 1.30 settings, Megadroid should only place trades during server hours 22 and 23. However it placed a trade at the very start of the 00 hour for some reason.

    Perhaps the 2nd Megadroid signal was right on the edge of the Megadroid trading cut-off time, and that’s why some people got that trade, and others didn’t.

    I suspect this 2nd trade is an S1-type trade, because the first one was S2.

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