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Megadroid Results: Thur 18th Nov 2010 — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Tim,

    Yes right now it’s 2 pips, but during the Megadroid session it was mostly around 3 pips or more on my account. Usually FXDD are 2 pip during the Megadroid session.

    I was actually running the SpreadWatch EA on that FXDD account during the last Megadroid session. Below are the results.


    So during the Megadroid Trade window their average spread on EUR/USD was actually over 4 pips! That’s probably why I didn’t get a trade.

    I should add that it looks like I sampled the spread between 5pm and 7pm EST which is actually 1 hour latter than the current Megadroid 1.30 trade window.

    Next week I’ll monitor the FXDD spreads between 4pm and 6pm and see if they reduce back to normal.

  2. Great seeing your results so clearly listed here. Makes it much easier to keep track and compare performance. I switched to ‘Aggressive: False’ a while ago, after some serious losses. What is interesting is that I got these same 4.2 pips, but missed out on Thursday’s -63 pip loss. Could it be that this more conservative setting is the one to go with for now? I don’t know. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to compare results so directly. Also, I’m running both MD 1.30 as well as MD Pro 1.02. (I don’t recommend MD Pro, btw!) And yet it is MD Pro which pulled in the 4.2 and MD which sat on the sidelines. So many variables…!

  3. Hi Armin,

    The 63 pip loss was an S2-type trade. I guess that explains why you missed it with aggressive mode off. However, the stop we had prior to that in August was the S1-type.

    I actually haven’t seen a difference in stop frequency between S1 and S2 trades. But if you trade with aggressive mode on, there is a chance you’ll get a S1 and S2 stop on the same day i.e around 120 pips.

  4. Hi Almandine,

    That’s very interesting, because you have aggressive mode disabled, so that means it must have been an S1-type trade. My loss trade was an S2 trade (I trade with aggressive mode enabled), but I didn’t get an S1 trade. If you had aggressive mode enabled you may have ended up with 2 losing trades (i.e. S1 and S2), like some other people have reported. I’m not sure why there’s so much variability in results. Perhaps one of the trades opened right at the end of the trading session?

  5. If anybody wants to know the details, here is that losing trade from my FxOpen conservative account:

    Open Date Close date Symbol Action Lots SL TP Open Price Close Price Pips Profit (USD) Duration Change

    11.17.10 23:54 11.18.10 05:23 EURUSD Sell 0.33 1.35930 1.34810 1.35310 1.35930 -62.0 -204.60 5h 29m -23.60%

    I did not have 2 losing trades on my two aggressive=true accounts on Alpari UK and FxPro, just the same one (fortunately).

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