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Decided to stop trading using the Alpari UK Late Settings — 2 Comments

  1. I am with Think Forex and get different results to you. They are 0 offset GMT. On Thursday I ran 1.3 and 1.12 and they both came up with a buy trade that hit the TP so I had a very good night.

    The only problem with them is that at 10:00pm GMT their spreads go berserk for about 5 mins to stop MD trading, then it settles down to normal. Many other brokers do the same and its just a matter of re-initialising MD when things settle down. I watch the trades and if the prices start going against the trade and monitoring with several indicators if they confirm also I cash in the trade while still in profit.

    It seems to work well as I am about 30% up for November. PS I also use FishForex so most nights I have a trade.

  2. Hi John,

    Sounds promising. There’s no reason why a semi-automated setup like the one you have can’t work. But this will depend on your skill as a trader of course i.e. being consistent, and getting the risk/reward right, and maintaining that consistency over several months. Sounds like you’re on the right path though.

    In this blog I’m posting 100% automated results. I trade every day, and never intervene with trades.

    Re-initializing Megadroid?

    I wasn’t aware that this was needed. I have noticed that spreads go crazy around 5PM EST on my MB Trading account – think that’s rollover time.

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