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December 2010 Summary — 5 Comments

  1. Notes:

    1. I didn’t trade Megadroid during the week after Christmas (i.e. 27th to 30th of December 2010), because the market liquidity is generally low during this week, with erratic price action and spreads.

    2. Some people reported a trade loss of 63 pips on 16th Dec that I didn’t get. (see here)

  2. sorry I was on vacation, so I will share right now my results for december (I stopped trading on 17th):
    FXPRO : 6 trades 40.9 pips
    Activtrades : 4 trades 24.6 pips

  3. yes Richard, the missed trade is because I shut down my MD one day before you.

    I’m trading my 2 MD accounts on a CNS VPS.

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