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Megadroid Results: Tues 7th Dec 2010 — 9 Comments

  1. I managed to get trades at 8 of 10 accounts. A good result.

    I didn’t get a trade at FXDD or Axitrader.

    The FXDD log showed this…

    –> “MegaDroid EURUSD,H1: Buy operation failed – error(129): invalid price”

    Axitrader had spreads of 6 pip on EUR/USD at the time of the Buy signal, which prevented the trade.

  2. Hello

    I am testing Megadroid on FxPro and Alpari UK. And no trades on 7th December 2010 for me. How can it be?
    All settings are default…

  3. Hi Rich,
    Love the site. I’ve started replicating your multi-broker setup. I plan to demotest half a dozen brokers for a few months, and if they perform, convert them to live accounts for a few months. Thanks for the updates.

  4. Hi Ikariux,

    That’s strange. I got trades on my FxPro, and both Alpari accounts. Check the log under the “Experts” tab on the MT4 terminal. That might reveal the problem.

  5. Hi Mike,

    Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll be able to assess a broker’s performance using demo accounts.

    Real performance on a live account depends on multiple factors that aren’t present on a demo account e.g. variable spreads, slippage, re-quotes, trade rejects, disconnects etc etc. All these factors have a significant impact on the performance of Megadroid.

  6. Hi Ikariux,

    I got trades on the 7th too with Alpari (micro), as Richard got. Standard default settings. It may be your settings, although I do occasionally have no trades when Richard does have some. Sometimes if there is 30 seconds difference between your system and someone else’s, MD may not trade. I have found this. Richard posted some info about this about 2 weeks ago, when there was the big loss, when most people got a loss of about 61 pips, I got 2 losses this big! Richard said there was quite a bit of variety between different people’s trades recently.


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