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Megadroid Results: Thur 9th Dec 2010 — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    I ended up with only 0.4 pips on my account today.

    I was wondering, I know that MD won’t initiate a trade if the spread is greater than 3 pips but do you know if that applies to closing the trade as well? Will it only close the trade if it’s a 3 pip or less spread as well?

    Thank ya,


  2. I suspect about IamFX performance, because at close time, the Journal Tab tells : 17:22:44 Order close operation failed – error(128) trade timeout and in the next line 17:25:15 order close operation failed – error(6) no connection with trade server…

  3. Hi Elvis,

    Megadroid doesn’t block the closing of trades if the spread is too high.

    But, with a higher spread you’d need a larger move to overcome the spread to reach the profit target required to close the trade. So, indirectly a larger spread can mean trades stay open longer than they otherwise would.

  4. Speaking of spreads, my Axitrader account had huge spreads again during the Megadroid trading session (4-6 pips), that normalized after the session closed. So I missed today’s megadroid trade on that account. The same thing happened yesterday as well.

    I missed a trade on the GO account today, because their trade server lost connection.

  5. Hello

    My result for 9th of Decmeber:

    Alpari UK – 7,5 pips
    Go Trader – 7,0 pips
    FinFX – 8,6 pips
    Forex Meta – 5,0 pips
    FX Open – 7,9 pips
    FxPro – 7,1 pips

  6. A question: do you need 1 copy of MegaDroid for each broker account? By instance, can I open another account with Alpari, running the same MD copy in the two accounts in parallel?

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