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January 2011 Summary — 19 Comments

  1. Hi Aspro,

    All these trades are from my personal live trading accounts trading real money. I record these results so I can track the performance at the various brokers I use. I don’t post any Demo account results because they differ too much from the performance on real accounts in my experience.

  2. Thanks for doing this analysis for us.I have also been told by a broker that big accounts get better spreads/faster execution.They put you in a special group.

  3. Hi Aspro,

    It’s important to understand that all MT4 brokers are actually market makers, and will lose money if you make money, and so they really have no incentive to improve your order execution with larger orders with a profitable strategy.

    I’ve held large and small MT4 accounts over the years, and I’ve often found the smaller MT4 accounts with smaller order sizes perform better.

    The best thing to do is start trading small, and monitor the results yourself.

  4. Why didn’t you include ATC brokers, the one that the official MD site uses? I compared the results they get with “Wendy” (a real acc) who was on MYFXbook. The results were as follows:Period: 13/7/09-10/6/10
    wendyL: 113 tr, 320 pips
    web Meg: 132 tr, 700 pips.
    BTW does anyone know what is the “low” risk level MD are using on their web site when they generate that chart? The people at support couldn’t tell me.

  5. ATC are an Introducing Broker to FXCM. They use FXCM to place all their MT4 orders. I used to trade Megadroid on an FXCM MT4 account in 2009, but after 9 months of terrible results compared to my other brokers, I decided to close the account.

  6. MD say you should not trade MD on public holidays. I turn MD off when there is a US bank holiday, but I notice MD at ATC trades some of these days. What’s the rule to follow then?

  7. Hi Aspro,

    Personally, I trade all my accounts every day except for the week between Christmas and New Year. That week is often quite erratic because of low liquidity. Otherwise I trade every day, including public holidays.

    I know other people avoid trading public holidays, and after the FOMC announcements.

    There’s no real right or wrong answer because Megadroid hasn’t been trading long enough to compile any meaningful statistics to suggest which of these approaches is best.

    Probably the best thing to do, is decide on rules that you’ll follow, and stick to them. Ultimately missing one trading day, is not a huge issue in terms of overall performance.

  8. Richard,your current results on FXDD that you put on your monitoring on site for last 6 month was on 4 gidits account or on 5 digits account?

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