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Megadroid Results: Mon 3rd Jan 2011 — 7 Comments

  1. Hey Richard,

    Firstly thanks for going to the trouble of putting this site together!

    Have you ever thought of providing an RSS feed so that people could get notification through their RSS reader of when you post a new entry?

    Keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Hey Richard,

    That works perfectly!

    Also if people use:

    It will notify them whenever you post any new entries (not just your daily results).

    By the way, I’ve been forward testing Megadroid on a number of demo accounts for the last few months using a copy I bought a long time ago. Started it on a real account yesterday (Alpari-UK Classic). Your website looks like a great resource so I’m happy to buy my next license through your affiliate link. Not sure which broker I’ll go with next, but I’ll keep an eye on your site!

    Have you ever thought about publishing to MyFxBook.com to leverage their charting capabilities, etc.?

    Although I understand you would prefer to keep driving traffic directly to your site to help it pay for itself. You could possibly do this still by making the system private on MyFxBook.com and linking to it using the private URL they can provide for your systems.

    Anyway, just a thought!

    Happy New Year 🙂


  3. Hi Huwee,

    I don’t use those websites, because they don’t provide the information I need.

    My aim is to work out which broker is performing the best with Megadroid, so I can trade more at that broker, and less at the ones that aren’t performing so well. I make this assessment mostly by comparing the Megadroid trade count and pip return each month (see Monthly Results). I often make adjustments to my lot sizes each month. For example, recently I’ve decreased the lots I trade at InterbankFx and increased the lots I trade at FxPro based on the past several months of data. I”ve been making these sort of regular adjustments since I started trading Megadroid back in April 2009. This has allowed me to optimize my returns from Megadroid. That’s the objective.

    I used to just record this information on an Excel Spreadsheet for my own personal use, but as of about 7 months ago I started posting this data on this public blog instead. All the data is extracted directly from my accounts, so it saves me time and makes sure it’s accurate. It really doesn’t take much effort to update.

    The trade data presented here is primarily for my own personal use, but I’m glad others are finding the data useful for their own decision making. As mentioned before, the whole objective is to optimize the returns from Megadroid by getting the broker selection right, and making changes when necessary.

  4. Hey Richard,

    Great to hear it’s automated, I guess I’m still a sucker for the fancy graphics :). You can view results on a “pip only” basis too which I find useful.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. ….ah I stand corrected – the growth comparison chart doesn’t give you a pip comparison, so yes, doesn’t give what we need!

  6. Hi Huwee,

    The reason I only focus on pip performance rather than account balance growth, is because it takes money management out of the equation so that I can compare Megadroid performance at each account on equal terms. The idea is to skew my trade size (and risk) toward the better performing brokers, and away from the poorly performing ones. I usually make changes to my lot sizes every month or so based on the results I observe. That’s the reason why I record these results.

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