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Megadroid Results: Mon 17th Jan 2011 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    My MD opened it’s first two trade same as your with profit on FxPro demo. Just got a approval for real acct. Will be going to real account tonight.

  2. Hello Richard, where are you located to post so quickly the result at midnight GMT, are you on the west US coast?
    By the way, theses trades have scared me a bit, I will explain you why.

    So first of all the fact that I was having 4 opened trades (2 by accounts) late on the MD trades time frames.
    my Fx pro account closed the 0H35 trades by itself at 7.2 pips but seeing meanwhile that my activtrades account was not closing this “late” trade I closed it manually at 0,5 pips.

    Afterwards I was following an another FX pro account on myfxbook

    They pretend it’s a real one but I’m sure it’s a demo one based on the too much good results.

    So this account closed the 00H34 trades at 1H49 at 0.5 pips, seeing that neither my FXPRO or Activtrades were closing the trades, I decided to close them manually (fxpro -2.7 pips, Activtrades 0.4pips)

    Your Fx pro account closed it a little bit later at 2H00.

    Total results fxpro : 4.5 pips
    activtrades : 0.9 pips

  3. Hi albatore,

    I’m pretty sure your Megadroid trades would have closed if you didn’t intervene. I never close my Megadroid trades manually. I just let them run. Sometimes they do close at different times depending on the fill price, fill time and broker spread. However during this trading session, all my accounts had similar trades. i.e. an S1 buy that lasted about 40 minutes, and a S2 buy that struggled, and eventually closed around break even after 90 minutes

    I’m not too fussed by individual trade results. Stops will always happen at some point. That’s just part of trading. I’m more focused on the performance over several months, and making sure the brokers I use are executing my orders properly so that I can maximize my profits before the next large loss.

    BTW I live in Australia, So 4PM EST is 8AM here.

  4. Hi albatore,

    Fortunately I’m not located in an area affected by the flooding. It’s mostly impacting people located in Queensland. Hopefully the worst of it is over now.

  5. Regarding sitting through losing trades. It’s difficult psychologically to not close losing positions. Sometimes you’ll close a small loser and regret it because it latter made a small profit, and at other times you’ll regret not closing a small loss that latter turned into a full loss. That’s just the nature of all trading, including Megadroid trading .

    My approach is to not take much notice of the outcome of any individual trade (winner or loser), but rather focus on the performance of a strategy over a longer time frame, and optimizing conditions (e.g. broker selection with Megadroid), to maximize my chances of doing well.

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