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Megadroid Results: Wed 9th Feb 2011 — 15 Comments

  1. I haven’t seen any trade by MD since 20 Jan on FxProd….don’t know what happened….


    How is your colverix ? I just bought it and are you able to share your setting ? Do you trade only during the recommended 2100 GMT – 2300 GMT only ?

  2. just started both EAs in demo, I think since both of them are asian scalper we need to put the same strategy than MD, put it on differents brokers to find the best ones (requotes, slippage etc …)
    I also trade combo system and Growthbot in live…

  3. albatore,

    Sorry, I am not. I am considering to purchase cloverix, though. Then, I heard a new version will be available soon. Anyway, I’d like to find out if cloverix could work on ATC Brokers and/or FXDD. Thanks!

  4. Hi albatore,

    I’ve looked into MD Pro in the past, but the performance on the non-EUR/USD pairs wasn’t good enough for me to trade live.

    It’s definitely a quiet period for Megadroid. All my accounts are running and waiting for a signal.

    I do a lot of trading elsewhere which keeps me occupied – mostly US stocks, and currency futures.

    Every strategy I trade has flat/quiet patches. I’ve got used to it.

  5. ok thanks
    today some people got a short, nothing for me…
    thanks for MD pro I know people having good results with EAkain scapler pro which is a copy optimised of MD pro;
    I’m testing in live others scalpers like, shocker and cloverix … let’s see the results

  6. Hello Richard,

    Thanks for posting your Megadroid results. What is your opinion of MB Trading vs Alpari? How is the execution between the two? And have you noticed any funny business with either one? I am surprised with MB Trading being an ECN that you haven’t had any Megadroid trades during this month of May?

    Michael, here are my demo ATC results using Cloverix:

    The above ATC demo account just expired after 368 days. I experienced quite a few losses with the EURGBP at the beginning of the demo so I removed the pair from trading. I also noticed from the stats that the EURCHF Buys were losing more than they were winning so I forced the EA to only trade the Sells. I would have had more than a 4% return per month had I noticed the losses sooner.

    And here are my live ATC results using Cloverix:

    As you can see from the results in my live account, Cloverix is having some challenges. Magic # 318200 EURCHF Buys and Magic # 318201 EURCHF Sells
    I will trade the EURCHF Sells for a little longer to see if it can get out of the slump.

    If you see Magic # 77777773, that is the Megadroid Conservative strategy only. When I noticed all the losses trading the Aggressive Strategy with Forex.com last year, I decided to stop trading the Aggressive Strategy.
    Are you tracking the results between the two strategies? If you are using a third party stats company such as MyFXBook.com or MT4i.com, you will be able to see and compare the results much more clearly.

    By the way Richard, you mentioned that you trade currency futures? Is there any benefit to trading the currency futures over spot forex? And have you ever traded emini futures on the S&P or Russell? I personally don’t trade either one but lately I have been hearing more and more about people trading these instruments that is intriguing me and is getting to be too apparent for me to ignore. There must be something about them that is causing so many people to trade them over spot forex?

    Thanks for your time and collaboration.

    I trade other EA’s if you are interested in comparing notes. 🙂

    Mike Torres
    Miami, FL

  7. Hi Mike,

    MB Trading vs Alpari

    Alpari has been a more consistent performer for Megadroid based on my results. In my view all MT4 brokers are market makers despite what they tell you, and will therefore manipulate trades to some extent. None are true ecn’s like a futures or stock broker are.

    But. ultimately all that matters is whether I can make money on the broker in question. So long as the manipulation isn’t too bad, I can still do OK.

    MB trading is a bit different than the other MT4 brokers, because they have heavily customized their MT4 server side software so that it could integrate into their existing forex setup. The signals given on that account are often different than the other MT4 accounts, and even though the displayed spread is very low, this doesn’t translate into better profits, presumably because of slippage.

    I don’t know anything about this EA, so I can’t comment

    Megadroid “aggressive strategy”
    In my view the “aggressive” strategy is actually not really that aggressive, and in fact complements the other non-aggressive strategy nicely. I’ve always traded with the so-called “aggressive mode” on.

    Futures trading
    Yes, I do trade various futures contracts, mostly Globex currency, and various indexes. I’m not really sure if trading a contract like 6E (EUR) would be a benefit. The Futures market is a true exchange, unlike forex, and the slippage can be large during thin market periods when a flood of orders hit the market.

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