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Megadroid Results: Tues 15th Feb 2011 — 13 Comments

  1. Neither my Alpari Micro or Alpari Classic accounts got a trade today. It looks like the trade was right at the very end of the Megadroid Trading session i.e. at around 5:58pm EST.

  2. Hi Marc,

    My results are often different than those ones for some reason.

    Today 1/2 my accounts got a losing trade, and the other accounts didn’t place a trade. You do often see variation in Megadroid trades between brokers, and sometimes even on the same broker.

  3. Hi guys. Exactly like Xere i got 55 pip loss with alpari uk micro account. It sucks. I have been with MD now for 4 months non stop and am down a few hundred pounds compared to start. Not good.

  4. I’m not sure why I didn’t get a loss on my Alpari micro account. I couldn’t see anything obvious in the log file. Quite a few of my other accounts got hit though.

  5. The requote on my live FxPro account saved me from the SL. MD initiated a short trade at 1.34930, but 1s later was requoted by FxPro with 1.34899, which is 3.1 pips away. Just 0.1 pip more than MD’s default slippage setting.
    My activetrades live account did not suffered from the loss.
    lucky that time…
    FYI I stopped my MG because of FOMC tonight …

  6. The results on my live account are everytime the same or very similar to the the official account (for link see my last post).

    Sometimes though, it trades when the official account doesnt trade.

    But it was the first time tonight, that the entry was the same, but the exit was completely different. The offical bot closed the position after like an hour with tp set to 0. Its possible that the different tick data generates different signals (CCI I guess), even for closing, but it didnt do that before. Its also possible that the position was a manually closed, or its like last time in August, when they upgraded to a newer version with fittet strategy.

    I am not very happy with md in the last couple of months and I will turn s2 down (aggressive=false) if theres no explanation for the different trading behaviour on the official site and all(!) other accounts.

  7. Hi Richard.

    The results that Marc posted from the MD site are kinda hard to believe.

    and they say that they achieved this with a conservative setting. What do you think?

  8. I dont advertise the broker here because I have some issues with them right now. But you will find out if you ask the MD team. You can also ask them, if a new version comes out.

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