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Megadroid Results: Mon 21st Feb 2011 — 5 Comments

  1. Hi my interbank fx au account got to trades yesterday one buy order +16 pips and one sell order +12pips….i can’t understand why the trades are so different even between identical accounts.

  2. It’s interesting to compare my S2 Buy price on InterbankFx (1.36805) compared to Alpari UK Classic (1.36704). So it seems my InterbankFx order got slipped 10 pips, which explains why that trade only closed around break-even.

  3. Hi All,

    I am thinking of opening a mini account with IBFX Australia with a leverage of 1:400. I have a current mini USA IBFX account with a leverage of 1:50 of course. My question is, will higher leverage bring in more profits with the same lot size compared to lower leverage? Another question is, will higher leverage make me loose more money if I were to use to same stop loss compared to lower leverage? I will be using Megadroid as well as manual trade in both account.

    I tried to research this on the Internet but I got more confused reading many articles from diferrent authors with different opinions. I hope you all can help me understand leverage and put my worries to reast.

    Thanks in advanced.

  4. Hi Ling,

    Higher leverage just means you can trade with a larger lot size for a particular account balance if you choose to do so. So with a 1:400 account, you can trade an order 8 times bigger than you could on a 1:50 account with the same account balance. Trading a larger order size will mean your profits will be larger, but so will your losses. So leverage is a double-edged sword.

    If a broker offers high leverage, it just means you have the option of trading much bigger if you want to. But of course there are increased risks in doing so.

    But the real question you need to ask yourself is how well is this strategy performing right now, and how much money are you willing to risk with a loss trade.

    Remember the worst case Megadroid loss is about 120 pip in a day. So if you were trading a 100k lot, that would equate to a $1200 loss.

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