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Have FxPro just banned scalping EA’s including Megadroid? — 18 Comments

  1. OMG !!!
    I have on FXPRO : MD, Shocker and EAKain.
    I will need to find a new good broker. This is a pity because FXpro was performing good.
    For scalping EA regarding results from MD, it seems that Alpari sounds to be a good choice as from your results …

  2. Other than FxPro, Alpari’s probably been the most consistent performer for Megadroid over the past 12 months.

    I can’t really comment on other EA’s because I don’t trade them.

  3. I’m currently in a short trade with activtrades
    my fxpro account got the same email than yours, and this is the result when it tried to open the trade
    17:35:48 MegaDroid1.30 EURUSD,H1: Sell operation failed – error(133): trade is disabled

    Which is wired is that I have other FXpro accounts for combo and growthbot and both accounts did not get the email…
    I think they are able to see we use MG !!!Even with stealth mode !
    I’m definitely gone from FXpro and will close all accounts and move to alpari!

  4. I might leave the money in my FxPro account for a few weeks and see what happens. If they continue to disable EA’s during this time window then I’ll close the account.

  5. No!! Everyone is wrong, I called them today and this just because they had a technical problem that day. They confirmed even before i asked the question on the phone

  6. Hi everyone,

    There seems to be a bit of confusion over this issue so I thought I’d contact FxPro and find out what the situation was. This is what they told me:

    FxPro: Hello, how may I assist you?
    Me: Hi there, I have a live account with you
    Me: I received at email saying EA’s can’t trade from server time 21:00 hours to 2:00 hours
    Me: Is this permanent or temporary?
    FxPro: This is temporary
    Me: OK, it’s just that the original email didn’t say it was temporary
    Me: Anyway, how long will this last for?
    FxPro: Unfortunately i cannot provide a specific time
    Me: Weeks? Months?
    FxPro: As above im afraid i cannot provide you with a specific amount of time to this measure
    Me: What are you waiting to do? Will there be changes to your server?
    FxPro: This procedure has been implemented due the current liquidity of the market
    Me: Are all EA’s disabled during this time window at this stage?
    FxPro: This restriction is against certain EA’s but not all
    FxPro: if you would like further information on this matter
    FxPro: please kindly send an email to support[at]fxpro.com
    Me: OK, Thank you
    Me: Bye

    So there’s a chance Megadroid will work again on their server, but we just don’t know when.

  7. Hi jeremy,

    You’re correct in that they now say the change is temporary.

    But it’s still unclear as to how long this will last.

    It seems to only apply to certain EA’s, including Megadroid.

    I’ll keep my FxPro account running for the next month or so.

  8. I’m sure they run in parallel some popular EA like MD and if an account reflects same trades they recognized that it is MD.
    I have others account on Fxpro with other EAs and they did not deactivate the account they were trading in Asian session.
    I really dislike such action from a broker !
    I will transfer to alpari this account.

  9. I got this email this morning
    Dear Clients,

    Further to our previous communication regarding restrictions on the use of your EA during hours of low liquidity and as part of our continuous effort to provide you with the best possible trading conditions we are pleased to announce that the hours that you may be affected have been reduced and will typically be between 11.00pm and 01.00am server time, market conditions allowing.

    In addition, during these hours your EA will only be affected as far as instant execution is concerned, other instructions from your EA such as closing an existing position and pending orders will be executed as normal as well as all manual trading instructions.

    We would like to assure you that FxPro is endeavouring to identify suitable ways of surmounting the issue of reduced liquidity in the markets at those specific hours and completely remove the remaining restriction.


    Dealing Desk,
    FxPro Financial Services Ltd.

  10. I used to use FxPro, IamFx & Gallant. I now use WealthTrade Fx . They welcome all EA’s and the staff even helped me get set up. They are a BVI company. I take draws regularly. The longest I waited was about 4 days usually 2-3. I found one of the other brokers would take a week and a half :(.


  11. Thank you for the answer Richard.
    How you make those profits?
    I mean How much stoploss and take profit points uses the megadroid? Are you trading with 0.01 cent per point?

  12. I mean How much stoploss and take profit points uses the megadroid?

    Megadroid’s stops vary from about 40 to 80 pips per trade. There can be up to 4 trades open at once.

    Are you trading with 0.01 cent per point

    I trade 2-3 mini lots per account.

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