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March 2011 Summary — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Richard, I’m assuming you plan on letting MD run in the next couple of weeks, even though there is a gap in time change between North America and UK, which I’ve read somewhere may cause inconsistencies with technical trading.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. Hi Massimo,

    I’m continuing to trade Megadroid through this changeover period with the GMT settings set to auto. IMO the UK and European times aren’t that important, because those markets have closed several hours before the Megadroid sessions starts. The most important market is the US Market, which closes (stocks) at 4PM EST. Megadroid starts trading at 4PM EST.

  3. March turned out to be a profitable month for Megadroid.

    Most accounts had around 10-11 trades which is above average. However there was quite a bit of variation between performance of accounts at different brokers.

    The best performer was the AxiTrader account. The quality of fills on this account was consistently better than most of the other accounts.

    Next best were the InterbankFx, FxPro and FxSol accounts.

    The Alpari account got most trades, but the fills were relatively poor, resulting in a smaller overall profit.

    The GO markets account was the only account that lost. This was due to a large stop loss that occurred (see HERE). No other account suffered this loss, and the bid price was long way away from the stop level which makes we suspicious of dealer intervention. I’ve had a few similar experiences with this broker in the past, and so I’m going to be very conservative with this account over the next few months.

  4. Hi Richard:

    Nice work!
    Suggestion: could you show the perf by broker, ie like a monthly trend chart? Or if too complex, can you please upload your raw data, because the monthly view you’ve been posting is great but does not allow to easily see which broker is the best overtime… Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Bill,

    I don’t have any data other than what I’ve posted in this blog. This is what I use to make decisions on my own trading accounts.

    When assessing broker performance, I just look at the past 3 or 4 months of Monthly Results. Anything beyond that is not so relevant IMO, because circumstances at brokers change so much.

    I look at trade counts, and for brokers that incur stops that other brokers don’t get. If a particular broker is performing poorly I’ll either reduce the lots I trade there, or close the account if the poor performance continues.

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