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Megadroid Results: Thur 10th Mar 2011 — 5 Comments

  1. fxpro : 0.2+0.1=0.3
    activtrades:: 0+1.2=1.2
    alpari uk:0.4+0.1=0.5
    for Fxpro how did you get the trades ?
    from my side, I put MD in an other account that has not been blocked and run one other EA. Did Fxpro remove your restriction?

  2. I put MD in my other fxpro live account which did not received the restriction email. I know someone that was running another Asian scalper (shark 6) which has been blocked too.
    My feeling is Fxpro has targeted accounts that were matching trades from main Asian scalper.

  3. I was surprised it worked. I just thought I’d try it out and see what happens. It’s the same account I’ve always used. There might be some other reason why I got a trade today. Hard to be sure.

  4. Glad I found this site,seems to be only live site still running Megadroid. Picked up my copy last week. No trades as of yet, but I did spot some error 129s in the log. I’ll give it a few days this week before I contact tech support. Running a demo account at moment with openning of 1000usd, 0.1 risk. I hope by the end of the money back period it’s been profitable. My MT4 is also reporting some wild spreads from Alpari UK,which appears to stop it trading. In the mean time I will be continuing to learn forex for myself.

  5. Just remember that Demo accounts generally perform considerably better than live accounts at the same broker. People often report worse results when they go live. If you do go live, it’s wise to start with small lot sizes.

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