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Megadroid Results: Wed 23rd Mar 2011 — 12 Comments

  1. It looks like we’re over that quiet Megadroid period now. Most of my accounts have had around 10 trades this month which is above average, and we still have a few trading days left. (see March 2011 results). AxiTrader has been the standout performer. GO Market’s has been the worst performed after that account had a large stop on March 16th, that no other account got. (see HERE).

  2. Hi Ray,

    The maximum take profit for Megadroid S2 trades is 15 pips, and for S1 trades its 10 pips. However, if the take profit target isn’t reached within a certain time, Megadroid gradually reduces that take profit target down to 0 i.e. break even.

    If you look at today’s trades, those that closed near 15 or 10 pips were only open for around an hour or less. The trade that closed for a lesser profit, was opened for longer.

    Slippage also effects the profit – usually a few pips, but sometimes more depending on the market conditions.

    So 15 and 10 pips is really the best case scenario profit for a S2 and S1 trades.

  3. Hey Richard,

    Good to see March being so busy alright 🙂

    I’m looking to do something similar to what you’ve done – extracting closed trades from MT4. What’s the best approach? Writing an MT4 script that runs periodically and exports trades to a text file? Looking to do this over a few evenings next week but would appreciate any pointers in the right direction as it seems you have this down pretty well!



  4. I mostly just cut and paste the trade results from my account statements.

    Up until June 2010 I used to just put this information in a spreadsheet for my own viewing. Now I just post the information in this blog instead. I actually use this information myself when deciding what broker to use, and how much to trade at a particular broker. I’ve found broker selection is absolutely crucial to be profitable with this strategy, and conditions at brokers change. So it’s essential to monitor performance.

  5. fxpro : 2 trades = 14.8 pips
    activtrades : 3 trades = 21.8 pips
    alpari UK : 3 trades = 21.8 pips
    FYI I have put the stealth mode off. Because I have seen some asian scalpers like cloverix that were hit by a huge loss after japanese event.
    I decided to have order with hard stop loss.

  6. Hi albatore.

    Nice to see you did well.

    It’s been a tough period for those of us who have persisted with Megadroid, and it’s good to see some decent trades at last. I was just amazed at how quiet February was.

  7. Hi Richard,
    I have always cut and pasted from the Statement into XL spreadsheets. The one annoying thing I have never been able to work out is that if your profit is 4 digits or more ie over $1000 XL wont recognize the number for subsequent calculation and I get the “Value” error message. Can anyone help me with this. Is there a special format that must be used? I have to type the number into the cell manually to get XL to recognize it.


  8. Hi Aspro,

    MT4 statements put a space separator at 1000 intervals.

    So “$7123” will appear in the statement as “$7 123”. If you cut and paste that into XL, it’ll think it’s text rather than a number. That could be the problem. To get around it, just strip out the spaces with the Replace function. Once you get rid of the spaces, XL should recognize it as a number automatically.

    Hope that helps.

  9. HI jeremy,

    FinFx is an unregulated forex broker. I don’t use unregulated forex brokers for funds safety reasons. There’s been countless examples of unregulated forex brokers going out of business and customers losing all their funds. It’s too risky for me.

    Proper regulation usually requires forex brokers to undergo regular audits, and provide ongoing proof of adequate capitalization and segregation of funds. Some regulators even insure the customers funds. Unregulated brokers have none of these safeguards.

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