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Megadroid 1.35 – New Release — 8 Comments

  1. I’m interested in the “2) Requotes by your broker will now have minimal to no effect on trades” feature.

    Obviously this will only apply to the non-STP brokers Perhaps Megadroid will retry a trade if it gets a requote message from the broker?

  2. Do you know of any one with experience in using this on Trading Point broker?
    They have what seems like pretty good customer service and market execution.
    But The ea I wrote won’t place a trade. Won’t even attempt a trade, but trades back test just fine. They say it’s my order send function, but I have changed it to a market execution and still no results. So In my searches I found you. And thinking about using your ea you have with them. And just run mine on my other broker.

  3. Hi David,

    The Megadroid EA isn’t my software. I just purchased it from Megadroid. This blog is a record of my Megadroid trade results on my various live accounts. I record these results so I can work out which brokers perform best with the Megadroid EA. I used to record these results in a spreadsheet, but last year I started posting them publicly. That way other traders can compare results, and identify problems and learn from each other. So far I’ve posted all my trades since March 2010.

    “Trading Point broker”?

    I’ve never heard of them before. There are a huge number of MT4 brokers out there, but it’s important to choose the right one. I’ve wrote this article that illustrates the process I go through when making this decision (How to find a Forex Broker for Megadroid).

  4. ah, ok. Nice

    Maybe I’ll have to be the Guinea pig for this broker and check it out on them.
    I have a live account already and with FXM as well. I’ve tried several brokers over the years. TP has responsive customer service, and there working with me to figure out why mine’s not trading. It has instant trade option for testing order send function. And FXM offers an ECN account with just 3k deposit. ECN is ideal for scalping ea’s.

    heres TP link if any one wants to check them out. http://www.trading-point.com/

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