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  1. Hi Richard!

    Thanks for posting these results, you have done tremendous work! Glad that found your web site! I with team have testing about 60-100 robots last two years on about 10 different brokers and it seems that MD was the last alive. Now team is falling apart but it is another story…

    Your results are also similar to my own calculations – MD is making about 60% a year. I was amazed when you said that FxCM is garbage broker for MD, because I also made decision to leave FxCM.

    I have questions regarding your setting. So let’s say you have $1000 account. And if I understand right you allow MD to open trades with 0.5 lot on $1000. Is this right?
    I’m asking it because I was constantly using RiskLevel=0.3 not RiskLevel=0.0 like you do. And I believe it was the officially promotional aggressive setting for MD. So what you think of “Lot 0.5” VS “risklevel=0.3”?

    Richard, also if you are interested in some kind of robot testing research like you do now with MD, I think we could find a way to cooperate. For example right now I’m more focused on grid systems, just because they act much faster.

  2. Hi Ruslan,


    I personally trade with fixed lots. That’s why my “RiskLevel” setting is set to zero.

    I have 10 trading megadroid accounts, and I spread a total of 250k EUR/USD lot over those accounts. So overall I’m trading $25/pip. If I divide the lots evenly over all the trading accounts, I’d be trading 25k EUR/USD lot on each account. However in practice I adjust the lots so I trade more at the better performing brokers, and less at the poorer performing brokers. By doing this I optimize my returns. This is the whole reason why I monitor the performance on each broker so carefully in this blog. So I don’t compound and I don’t use Megadroid’s automatic money management.

    I just make sure I have enough money in the account to trade the lot size I want to trade.

    Other robots, and testing

    I’d prefer not to at this stage. I used to trade and test all sorts of EA’s, including my own. But now I only trade Megadroid, and most of my trading now is actually on the US stock market, and to a lesser extent on futures. I trade less on spot forex now. I really don’t like the way the spot forex brokers operate. It’s a heavily manipulated market, which makes it hard to develop a profitable strategy. I’m having much more success in other markets, plus I can safely trade a much larger account.

  3. Is the MD they have in MD pro the same as the MD in this blog? Also has anyone traded the MD Pro robot for a decent length of time and what did they find? I can’t get any “live” results from the the MD team.

  4. Thanks Richard, I will set two account with RemoteSafety = true and false to see the difference on my MD_1.35

    Simply yesterday I got big loose position on my md_1.21 which I thought was working ok. I Guess I have to move to 1.35

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