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Megadroid Results: Tues 5th Apr 2011 — 17 Comments

  1. Hi Dinh. I have multiple licenses so the changes didn’t effect me.

    Trading on multiple brokers is a good idea IMO, because it safeguards against a spurious loss on one account. For example, in March my Go Markets account suffered a 88 pip loss (see HERE), that no other account got. If that was my only account, March would have been a loss month for me. But because the other accounts avoided that loss, it ended up being a solid profit month overall. 10 accounts is probably excessive, but dividing trades across say 2-3 of the better performing Megadroid broker accounts makes sense. The downside is the cost of the extra license.

  2. Mauro you got the same trades that mine on activtrades 😉
    I did not find why my Alpari did not trade grrr nothing in the log file

  3. Hello,

    How are the results with activtrade broker compared to other brokers?

    Thank you for you answers

    Jeremy Gandrez

  4. hey albatore,

    you probably have “RemoteSafetyMode=true”. I had no trades also and I have RemoteSafetyMode turned on.

    regards Marc

  5. yes that’s correct and especially that night was FOMC report !!!! Probably why I did not get the trades 🙂

  6. jeremy since the last 5 months :
    FX PRO perso 31 trades 109 pips
    Activtrades 26 trades 75.1 pips

    so fx pro remain the best, but I like to spread risk ….

  7. All of my accounts have “RemoteSafetyMode = false”.

    I’ve done this because I’m not convinced that you can predict if a particular news event will be detrimental to Megadroid.

    While volatility does increase the chances of a loss, it also increases the chances of multiple profitable trades.

  8. yes but with ea kain I got 80 pips lost on GBP CHF and 60 pips lost EUR CHF I would have better turn off scalper that night, I forgot usually I also turn off MD when there is FMOC statement.
    It’s gambling that night

  9. Hey, what GMT settings do you use on alpari uk? I should be +3 (like automatic), because currently, broker time is GMT+3, but when I backtest the last days, +2 is better (manual settings) and +2 in backtest matches the trades stated here.

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