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Megadroid Results: Thur 7th Apr 2011 — 10 Comments

  1. Hi,

    X-Trade Fixed spread +6pips
    FxOpen fixed spread +7pips
    Instaforex +8pips
    HotForex no trade

    Thanks for this website Richard !

  2. You’re welcome lowyoda.

    I’m just glad we’re getting some decent trades. That 6 week period from late January to the end of February was very difficult. The trade counts were incredibly low.

  3. alpari nz: + 6.5 pips (open at 23:02)

    finfx: no trade.
    I think that finfx don’t trade because it is 1 hour forward than alpari nz, and megadroid don’t trade on friday.

  4. got a trade on Alpari UK Micro-2, it opened at 00:35. (GMT manual +2). 4.8 Pips. The time is different, thats strange.

  5. One thing that I’ve been wondering is if different leverage makes a big difference in MD performance. I can only see it being a problem for low leverage accounts when there are multiple trades going on at once. Did you have any problems that one day when MD made 2-5 trades per account?

  6. Hi Dinh,

    I have plenty of free margin in all my trading accounts, so I don’t have any problems. I trade Megadroid using fixed lots, and I make sure the lot size I use only uses a small amount of my account margin.

    Account leverage/margin will only impact Megadroid performance if there’s not enough margin to open a trade of a particular lot size, or if an open floating position is in loss sufficient enough to cause a margin call.

    The key number is Free Margin on your MT4 terminal. This is basically the account balance minus initial margin to open the position +/- any floating profits/losses. The initial margin use to open the position depends on account leverage. If opening a new position will cause the free margin of the account to drop below the minimum required margin, the trade will be rejected (message: Not Enough Money). If after opening a position(s), the floating loss becomes sufficient to breach the minimum margin requirement, a margin call will be activated and all open positions will be automatically liquidated. Margin calls can also happen if a broker temporarily increases their spread. This will cause any floating loss to increase, and there’s a chance that could push the free margin below the margin call threshold, triggering a margin call.

    The solution is to just make sure you have plenty of account balance to cover a worse case scenario.

  7. Hi.
    Been using MD for over 6 weeks on fxcm. Loss 1pip,loss 57,trade on at moment loss back to 15 pip.These are only trades in this period.
    Reading through forums I get the felling that FXCM are manipulating MD somehow. Any comments?

  8. Hi Charles,

    I tried using FXCM for about 10 months with Megadroid, and was never able to make a profit overall, despite my other accounts doing OK. I got more large losses on the FXCM account, and more trade slippage. The performance was so bad I had to stop trading there and close the account.

    In my view all MT4 brokers manipulate trades, since they are Market Makers. However some brokers undoubtedly manipulate trades more than others using sophisticated server side software, which may explain why some perform worse that others.

    My focus is really on trying to pick the best of the bunch at any point in time, and skew my trades toward the better performing brokers and away from the poorly performing ones. That’s the whole reason why I record my trades in this blog.

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