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Megadroid Results: Tues 26th Apr 2011 — 5 Comments

  1. Today I only got trades on the FXDD and FxSol accounts. I’m not sure why the other accounts didn’t get the S2 trade. There was no obvious explanation in the log files.

  2. My 2 positions were down about 50 pips at one point, but they eventually recovered. I must have just missed the stop level.

    I was surprised when Megadroid closed the positions out at -20 pips. I assumed the trades would be closed at either breakeven or at the stop level. So there must be some sort of time limit Megadroid imposes on open trades. They were both closed at the 12 hour mark exactly. I can’t remember seeing that happen before. Perhaps this is a new feature of version 1.35?

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