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Megadroid Results: Tues 17th May 2011 — 23 Comments

  1. My MD on gomarkets opened two trades. Closed one like yours but other is a huge floating loss. What do do I do!?

  2. I ALSO had the exact same gomarkets sell trade as you had, 1.8 pip gain. I don’t understand why this other sell is still open…. this is gonna hurt my profits.

  3. OK, so you’re saying you actually had 2 sell orders on your GO Markets account?

    Sounds strange. All my accounts (apart from MB Trading) only got one trade today.

  4. My MB Trading demo account got one trade @ 1.42386 with 2 pips profit today.

    Any idea why MB Trading live account does not take as many trades as the other brokers?

  5. Turns out somehow the expert advisors button got clicked, which turned off MD, some time after the first order closed and before the second could.

    As a result, today I lost 8% of my account. That knocked out most of my profit.


    Not Megadroid’s fault. I don’t know how it happened.

    I’m shattered.

  6. Benji,

    I’m sorry to hear that. I suggest “diversifying” the way Richard does. Every once and a while a broker will mess up, and it’s good to spread your money around different brokers so you aren’t hit with a big loss. Awhile back, I was running only FinFX and for some reason, it took a -50 pip loss, while all the other brokers made a profit. I took a big hit and decided I need to spread my money across different brokers. I now have 3 different accounts and I am really happy with the results.

  7. I actually think Dinh’s approach is ideal. i.e. diversification across say 3 of the best performing Megadroid broker accounts. You really don’t need 10!

    When large losses happen, sometimes they impact all accounts, but on many occasions the losses only impact some of the accounts. We’ve all seen many examples of only one broker account slipping excessively, causing a large loss, or other occasions where just a slightly worse fill is the difference between a break even result and a full loss. By diversifying across a few accounts you can reduce the overall impact on your Megadroid trading capital in these situations.

    Having a few accounts also makes it easy to swap one of the accounts if you find the performance at that broker has deteriorated.

    The downside of this approach is the cost of the extra Megadroid license(s). I guess it depends on how much you’re trading as to whether you can justify that extra expense.

  8. Hi Zheen,

    Remember Demo accounts will always perform considerably better than Live accounts.

    This is because real live accounts are subject to a variety of adverse trading conditions such as excessive spreads, slippage, account disconnects, and various forms of order rejection.

    Demo account results represent a “best case scenario” rather than a realistic prediction of the actual performance you’ll achieve on a live account with Megadroid.

    This is the same for all MT4 brokers, not just MB Trading.

  9. Thanks for the advice guys. I can’t afford the extra two licenses yet, but once i break 30% i’ll invest in those two. Diversifying seems like a sensible idea.

    Where do I go from here? I have an account at $1359 with 100:1 leverage, set with aggressive mode true, recoverymode true, risklevel 0.2.

    I’m so tempted to chase my losses. Should I increase my risk level to 0.4? Gimme a hand here guys :/

  10. Go Markets make me nervous. If you plot the cumulative pips for GM you will see that they very quickly get up to 210 pips in the first 3 months, but then make only another 52 pips during the next 11 months. I hope Richard’s comment that they had a server issue is correct, but why has it taken them so long to act? They are the worst performers of all the brokers over the last 11 months. Obviously people are not analysing the broker results to see which brokers should be discarded. Good luck.

  11. Hi Aspro,

    Go Markets certainly have a sketchy track record on Megadroid over the past 10 months or so. They seem to get more large losses than my other accounts for whatever reason. In between the losses, they perform well, but the higher frequency of the large losses impacts the overall performance on that account.

    I’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve promised better performance from a “server upgrade”. Ultimately we can only judge a MT4 brokers performance with Megadroid based on their actual live trade results. At this stage their performance has fallen behind their competition.

    I think it’s good that traders are becoming aware of poorly performing brokers. It’s a competitive industry, and it’s up to the brokers to provide better quality trade execution if they want our business.

  12. No Trades

    My mistake:
    Last night I rebooted the PC and I turned off the “expert advisor”.
    I forgot to press the button “expert advisor” to reactivate MD.


  13. Aspro

    would be nice to add a grand total of brokers. (also divided by quarter-year or year “ANNUAL RESULTS”)

  14. I also agree a grand total for brokers would be awesome.

    Just to set the record straight, I manually traded my way back up to a less than 1% loss for the day, a total of 9% profit. I’ll leave it at that.

    Richard, do you think I should leave recovery mode on or not?

    Also, what do you think about risk level 0.2?



  15. Hi mates,
    I am using MD on FinFx on 14 k account. I had opened two one hour charts yesterday, so MD duplicates the trade. Each time it trades it gives double losses or double profits.

    I got to know about it when i contacted MD team. But now the problem is solved 🙂

    I think FiFx suites MD so much and it’s working so far very well with Megadroid.

    Best regards

  16. Hi guys,

    is anyone getting trades on 19th may 2011?

    i got 2 trades, one is closed with -62pips, another one is floating with -45pips.

    Broker: IKOFX ( sry for my ‘nobody’ broker >.< )

  17. I find a chart showing cumulative m on m broker results is most informative. Thanks for your comments Richard. In my experience there are very few people as knowledgeable as you in this area who are willing to share their knowledge.


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