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Megadroid Results: Wed 18th May 2011 — 38 Comments

  1. What is the difference between Alpari UK (Mini-2), Alpari UK (Mini-1), Alpari UK (Micro-1)?
    Now is possible open only with Alpari UK Micro (I don’t know if 1 or 2).
    What does 1 and 2? Server?
    Are all equal? Is always to indicate the account of small-size?

  2. i was unlucky,

    one of these trades hit the stoploss at 62pips above the entry so ended up making a -62pips while the other one closed at 1pip profit..

  3. A very tough session indeed!

    23:36/09:32 Sell 1.42470 1.42442 2.8
    22:59/09:30 Sell 1.42478 1.42439 3.9
    23:47/09:27 Sell 1.42497 1.42485 1.2

    Not sure why Megadroid opened 3 positions…. it has never done that to me before. Was a total of 150 pips down at one stage!

  4. MD opened 3 positions for me as well. Exposing more than 20% of my equity even when risk was set to 0.1. I am gettin little skeptical with version 1.35.

    But still early days.


  5. I think you should include the swap cost (of benefit) in your report.
    On FxPro it’s more than 1 pips when you’re selling the EUR/USD.
    This session: 0.2 pips and 4.2 pips at fxpro.

  6. Hi guys,

    Megadroid shouldn’t be opening 3 positions. It should at most open 2 positions (if aggressive mode is enabled), or only one position (if aggressive mode is disabled).

    That could have been disastrous if all the trades stopped out today!

    It might be worth contacting Megadroid support. (support[at]forex-megadroid.com)


    23:58 sell lots 0.80 1.42476 –> 1.42475 pips 0.1 swap -12.84 profit 0.80
    00:35 sell lots 0.70 1.42499 –> 1.42495 pips 0.4 swap 0.00 profit 2.80

    alpari uk micro
    22:59 sell lots 0.71 1.42482 –> 1.42480 pips 0.2 swap -12.14 profit 1.42
    23:47 sell lots 0.69 1.42502 –> 1.42508 pips -0.6 swap -11.80 profit -4.14


  8. Richard,

    Too bad MD just tries to break even if there are trades open after 23:00 GMT. Since I started using MD in April 2009 it seems like many of those long nail-biting trades would have benefited by staying open longer. Today is a good example.

    I’d like to know if Pete and Jagstrack are using the same broker and if MD support has an explanation for 3 simultaneous trades.

    My trades on IBFX made 1.9 & 0.5 pips respectively but because of the swap paid on the first trade I had a net $ loss for the day.

  9. Hi Fred,

    I haven’t included the swaps in any of the brokers results. Swaps are generally pretty similar across the various brokers.

    On my FxPro account…..

    Long EUR/USD: Swap = +0.3 pips
    Short EUR/USD: Swap = -1.6 pips

    So, assuming Megadroid places the same number of longs and shorts over a month, the average swap is (+0.3-1.6)/2 = -0.8 pips per trade. However this only applies to a small portion of Megadroid trades i.e. the ones that are opened before the brokers rollover time, and closed after the broker rollover time. So the overall impact on the results is pretty small – maybe 3-4 pips over a month.

  10. I guess today’s “near miss” was a good reminder of the impact a bad Megadroid loss can have on our trading accounts.

    The worse loss I ever had on Megadroid was back in June 2009. I had 2 trades stop out on the same day, and lost around 130 pips! To make matters worse I was using recovery mode back then, so my lot sizes were relatively large. It took me a few months to recover those losses. Many people gave up trading Megadroid after that loss.

    It’s so tempting to increase lot sizes after a few good months, without fully appreciating the potential downside risk.

  11. You just made the point Richard.
    I run in two parallel losses back in 2010 on one account.

    I closed today one of the 2 lots manualy at – 15 pips because I didnt wantet to bear 2 full SL and let the other close normaly.

    After todays experience, I swiched off the Agressive mode and also the Recovery mode. Hoping this helps, that only one trade is open at a timme and at the planned size. – Congrats to all for the gracefull trading close we had.

  12. Agreed, tough session!

    Strange had only one trade with Agressive true

    FxPro Sell: 23:58 1.42471 -> 10:30 1.42427 4.4 pips (excl swap of -1.4pips)

  13. Hi richard,

    my case is abit weird. I thought that MD has this stealth stoploss.

    My first trade has hit the stoploss exactly where MD has set at the very beginning this morning.

    i am suspecting that my broker has playing trick on me by hitting the stoploss purposely, because from what i analyzed, the price just kissed the stoploss and fell back.

    thank you for your time.

  14. Response from Megadroid support RE: 3 open trades

    Hi Pete.

    Please be aware that MegaDroid can open up to 4 trades simultaneously if market conditions and the spread for EUR/USD are suitable for that.

  15. Hi Pete,

    That’s interesting. I’ve never seen more than 2 trades at a time on my Megadroid accounts before. Perhaps that’s something new they’ve added.

  16. DEMO Accounts
    23:59 Sell Lots 1.16 1.43098 1.42982 -50.4
    00:35 Sell Lots 0.56 1.43637 1.42982 -49.2
    This has taken 30% of the account with it on these two trades.

    No trades 18 May.

  17. Richard & Pete,

    Thanks for the info from MD support. In reading their operating manual it sounded to me like the max number of trades open at any time would be two. I did not read anything indicating the possibility of 4 simultaneous trades.

  18. 4 Trades – I’ve never experienced this on old MD! This is does not seem like a typical trading pattern for MD. I had 2 trades open for 12 hours yesterday (17th) which closed -4 pips on my Alpari Mt4 Pro account. And today was no better- however I decided to turn off MD and close manually which I did for +10 Pips at 10.15GMT.
    My concern is MD could have taken a break even at 6am gmt this morning but didn’t? I’m a bit dubious on this new version

  19. OMG what a night !!!! we were closed, this is showing us the risk involved with MD ….Especially that for me I have not get any SL since November 2011.
    Activtrades :1.4 and 0.4 pips
    Fx pro : 4.3 and 0.7 pips
    Alpari : 0.9 and 0.1
    Finfx : – 0.2 and – 0.2 pis

  20. I am running an old version and a new version.

    1.35 on FXDD
    23:59 10:30 EURUSD Sell 1.42478 1.42467 +1.1 10h 31m

    1.3 on FinFX
    23:59 10:30 EURUSD Sell 1.42468 1.42434 +3.4 10h 31m
    00:35 10:30 EURUSD Sell 1.42473 1.42439 +3.4 9h 54m

    1.35 on FinFX DEMO
    23:58 10:30 EURUSD Sell 1.42466 1.42449 +1.7 10h 31m
    00:35 01:39 EURUSD Sell 1.42486 1.42486 +0.0 1h 3m

    1.3 on MB Trading
    23:47 10:30 EURUSD Sell 1.42504 1.42479 +2.5 10h 47m

  21. HI Richard,
    Which is a better idea, either to let MD trade on a single big account or spread the accounts? Don’t you think that it would be more profitable if an account is larger?

    And why do you not use FinFx when MD team recommends it?


  22. Richard,

    On my live IBFX account, the pips made are 1.4 and 1.0. I have 2 other robots running on the same account. I am using a VPS. Why do you think my results are different than yours even though we are using the same broker?

  23. Hi Jagstrack,

    Single Vs Multiple Account
    If you split the account balance and lot size across multiple accounts, it’s just the same as trading on one single larger account, because the total lot size traded will be the same.

    FinFix and Recommendations

    I personally only trade at regulated forex brokers. FinFix aren’t regulated and that’s why I don’t trade there. When choosing a broker I perform my own due diligence on the broker in question (see How to find a Forex Broker for Megadroid), and if there are no red flags, then I’ll open a small account and trade small lots for a while. If I’m still satisfied with the broker and its’ trade execution after a few months then I’ll consider increasing how much I trade there. Even after I’ve opened an account at a broker, I keep a close watch on them for any regulatory breaches, instances of funds withdrawal problems or post trade record tampering.

  24. Hi Alex,

    All of the results I post on this site are from my real (not Demo), live trading accounts.

    I use this blog as my own trade journal for Megadroid. Prior to June 2010 I just recorded these results on an Excel spreadsheet.

  25. Good to know.

    Excel… I love Excel…

    I with your results, I did the opposite.
    Your monthly results (posted on this website) I converted them into an Excel spreadsheet.

  26. I have just checked the Official MD site. I previously copied 3 live April trades from them. Today they are not there. Makes you wonder if they are manipulating the results.

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