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Megadroid Results: Wed 8th June 2011 — 16 Comments

  1. I actually use the activtrader with the default setting in Germany on a demo account. Why do I got no trade?

  2. I just found a losing trade on my FxSol account, and have updated the results.

    I’m not sure why the FxSol account didn’t close the trade out in profit. Eventually Megadroid closed it at the 12 hour mark for a 44 pip loss. There were no internet connection problems, and there were no error messages in the log file. Very strange.

  3. Hi Karlos,

    4 of my accounts didn’t get a trade today either. You’ll find on some days everyone gets the same trade, and on other days only some people get a trade. It often depends on how clear-cut the trade signal was, amongst other things. The trading signals are based on technical indicator values, and they’ll always vary from broker to broker, and between live account and demo account price feeds. There are plenty of other reasons for variations in trades as well (see Why do Megadroid trades vary on different brokers?). Usually these variations average themselves out over time.

  4. Hi Richard,

    I understand, why different brokers trade different. But I used to use the activtrader, and I read on this page, that there was a trade on activtrader. But in fact I haven´t got a trade. I dont understand why.

  5. It’s not uncommon to see variation in trades even on the same broker. For example, last week I missed a trade on my Alpari account, that some other people got. It might have been that my account was on a different server, or because my price feed updates were slower because of my internet connection. There’s many reasons. I don’t usually worry about it, because over time these differences average themselves out i.e. even though I missed a trade this week, I might get a trade next week that other people miss out on.

  6. Hey Richard,

    Bought another copy of MegaDroid through your link as I’m going to set up another account on FxPro.

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