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Megadroid Results: Mon 20th June 2011 — 15 Comments

  1. Pretty Bad Today .
    I only got demo account on Intrabank FX AU and that got -45 PIPS .
    No trade on Alpari UK .

    Richard .. Any idea what went wrong today or this is just a bad Luck.


  2. Hi Ashraf,

    Losses are just a part of trading. I was very lucky that only 3 of my 10 accounts got this trade.

    We’ve had a good run lately – usually these sort of losses (i.e. around 60 pips) happen every few months.

  3. Hi Nick,

    We’ve had losses in February this year, and numerous losses throughout the 2nd half of 2010. Even last month we had 2 open trades that were down a total of 120 pips, but luckily recovered.

    I personally trade Megadroid with a 6 to 12 month future outlook. I know losses will happen, and I know losing months will happen, but if I’m sensible with my money management, and stay consistent, I’ll recover the losses and should do OK.

    The big trap is for traders new to Megadroid to underestimate the size of the losses when they do occur. It’s a good exercise to calculate the impact a 100 pip loss would have on your trading account, and ask yourself if this happened would you continue or give up. I run through these scenario’s all the time just to make sure I’m prepared.

  4. Hi Richard
    Normally I can see Megadroid take profit on 7-10 Pips per trade. But when the Loss happens it is around 45-60 Pips per trade . So it seems to go back to your position again you have to be in profit for another 5-6 Trade ( Unless any other loss happens in between) .

    So with you opinion what would be the idial money management to reduce this ? Sould we consider reducing S/L at 30-35 PIPS ( Though there is a draw back on this as well )

    Like to know your money management suggestion in more details .It will be helpful for any new bies like Me ..



  5. Hi Ashraf,

    As I mentioned before, Money Management and risk is something you’ll have to decide on based on your own personal financial situation and risk tolerance.

    I personally trade Megadroid with 250k EUR/USD lot, spread across 10 trading accounts. So I trade about $25/pip total. I trade using fixed lots, and I don’t compound. I optimize my returns by skewing the lots toward the better performing brokers using my trade’s recorded in this blog as a guide. That’s the whole reason why I compare my trade performance at each broker. I’ve been trading this way for a few years now.

    Everyone uses different money management. Some people trade more, some less, some use aggressive compounding and others trade fix lots. It’s really up to the individual.

    Just keep in mind that Megadroid has the potential to lose in excess of 120 pips on one day – it almost happened to us last month.

  6. Here’s a picture of today’s trade. Stopped out on a spike. Looks like the trade opened right at the end of the Megadroid Trading session i.e. about 6PM EST. Perhaps that’s why some accounts didn’t get the trade.

    Forex Megadroid Trade - Stopped Out

  7. That’s the benefit of trading multiple accounts i.e. sometimes only some accounts get a full loss, and so the overall impact is less.

    The FxPro account should recover pretty quickly, but my InterbankFx account will take a bit longer.

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