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Megadroid Results: Tues 21st June 2011 — 33 Comments

  1. There was a huge whipsaw on EUR/USD between 5:50 and 6:00 PM EST, causing lots of trades. Probably due to the situation in Greece i.e. the government’s vote of confidence.

    Forex Megadroid Whipsaw

  2. Volatility is a double-edged sword for Megadroid.

    It certainly can produce a lot of trades and profits, but there’s also a much greater risk of large losses. We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out.

  3. My Both Trade on Alpari Uk is still going with -25 and -5 PIPs . Wonder why it does not close the first one when it is +7 PIPS .

    Lets Watch


  4. Think Forex
    S1 Sell: 21:50 1.44182 -> 21:51 1.44147 3.5 pips
    S1 Buy: 21:54 1.43905 -> 22:22 1.44011 10.6 pips
    S2 Buy: 21:54 1.43905 -> 21:59 1.44053 14.8 pips

  5. At the moment…

    All trades closed: —> Go Markets, FxPro

    S2 Buy open (-35 pips): —–> Alpari Classic, FXDD, FxSol

    S1 Buy (-45 pips) and S2 Buy (-35 pips): —-> InterbankFx, Alpari Mini, Axis

  6. I have two trades open on Alpari Micro 1

    Currenlty -33 & -29

    Will ether be a big loss day or will take 6 hours for correction (my guess only) 🙂

  7. Hi Guys
    Using Alpari Uk Micro

    I did not realize there were 2 trade already close in the morning with +14 PIPS and +2.8 PIPS..:-)

    Last two also just exit with +0.5 PIPS and +0.5 PIPS .

    What a day been 🙂


  8. Hi All
    hope you don’t mind Richard, if you do, you can remove this

    This is a graft of how MD performed on Alpari UK Mini since March 2009, when this site started.


    The BLUE line is on 10% accumulated growth per month [ what I would like to earn to retire in a few years 🙂 ], and the RED line how MD has actually performed according to this site, tx Richard

    In the 16 Months of trading, it had 1 losing Month and a success rate of 93.75% with an average of 34.06 pips per month or 13.34% growth


  9. Hi Marius,

    Interesting results.

    However, the problem is that we don’t know for certain that Megadroid performance, and performance at that broker, will be as good over the next 12 months.

  10. Hi Richard
    I agree, nothing is certain in live and your other accounts might have done better.
    I’m recording this one as it is the one that I’ll be starting soon
    Once again nice site with no BULL, just facts

  11. MD brought in some nice profits on Alpari UK Classic and FinFX, last night and early this morning. Wish it could trade more often. 😀

  12. activtrades : 9.7+14.5 = +24.2 pips
    fxpro : -0.2+16.9 = +16.7 pips
    alpari : 13.8+22.6 = +36.4 pips
    Finfx : 0.2+5.2+9.1= +14.5 pips

    For info I reduced my risk for tonight FOMC press conference

  13. Just wanted to reiterate what MariusM said. This is an excellent site, well done Richard. So many sites out there have an ulterior motive, this site just gives unbiased FACTS.

  14. Richard, I’ve just been reading for forex-megadroid website. It says on the advertising blurb that the robot trades randomly throughout the 24 hour trading sessions (thus its impossible to detect that its a robot), but I read somewhere on this site that MD only places trades between 4 and 6 EST?
    What are your thoughts on this?



  15. Hi Raj,

    I’ve only ever seen Megadroid open a trade in that 2 hour time wIndow (Monday to Thursday). It, can however close an open trade at any time while the forex market is open. Although with the latest version, it seems to close out trades open after 12 hours regardless.

    These are just my observations.

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