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Megadroid Results: Wed 22nd June 2011 — 37 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,
    Do you have any idea what happened to MD recently? Keep on having this large negative this few days.

    Luckily yesterday trade recovered. If not i have 8.6 lot open coz i turned on recovery mode.

    Today i have trade still open at 1.43381

  2. Nick – thanks for the link.

    Looks pretty intimidating.

    I have a lot of trust in megadroid though.

    I added a small buy trade at 1.42950.

  3. I noticed that MD sets TP and SL in MD. Is MD closing the trades once hitting those levels? Or MD may close trades sooner?

  4. Hi Nick,

    Megadroid relies on ranging conditions between 4PM and 6PM EST.

    Losses happen when a breakout occurs during that time window.

    We’ve definitely had a large breakout today. I’m currently about -70 pips on my S2 trade.

    Losses are never fun, but they’re part of trading unfortunately.

  5. Agree with Richard, same thing happened yesterday and lucky for us ended up back at the start price.

    Currently -71 pips with only two options, the price might swing back or accept a large loss . The story is yet to be writen 🙂 But do hope is swings…

  6. I decided to disable megadroid on monday as history tells us MD has a high loss rate when markets are volatile. I also disable MD in august and over the christmas holiday period. Richard I know you run MD regardless however i notice some of these guys commenting are running some big lot sizes – whats your thoughts?

  7. Hi jdog,

    Volatility is a double-edged sword with Megadroid. i.e. there is a greater chance of multiple trades, but there is also a greater chance of a loss.

    There’s basically 3 approaches people use….

    1. Disable trading during perceived volatile situations


    2. Reduce the lots traded during these conditions


    3. Continue trading with the same lot size regardless.

    Then there is the issue of what is and isn’t a “volatile situation”. That’s a bit subjective.

    I personally just trade the same regardless. Sometimes I lose (like today), but on other occasions I make a large profit (i.e. around 30-40 pips in one day), that provides a buffer against future losses.

    I guess there’s no right or wrong approach, so long as you’re consistent, and are aware of the pros and cons in each case.

  8. Actually MD opened TWO trades for me

    2011.06.22 23:00 buy 1.4358 –> 2011.06.23 04:21 1.4295 => -63 pips
    2011.06.23 00:24 buy 1.4338 –> 2011.06.23 12:24 1.4259 => -79 pips

    2x 🙁

    That is very strange, since this happened not only on my live account, but also on 4 different brokers i’m testing with a demo account, MD opened two trades on all accounts, with about the same result as above. !?!

  9. Hi Richard,

    Yes I had 2 trades on each account

    2 trades @ FX primus live account
    2 x 2 trades @ FX Primus demo accounts
    2 trades @ FinFX demo
    2 trades @ HotForex demo

    Each account sufferd about 145 pips loss

  10. activtrades : -77.5 pips
    fxpro : -81.2 pips
    alpari : -79.8
    finfx : -77.7

    Fortunately because of FOMC news I was at 50% of risk !!

  11. Ouch Ouch Ouch…Lost out in Alpari UK.

    Fortunately “something changed” on FinFX Account so EAs were disabled.

    Recovering some losses, all thanks to Nick.

    Thanks Nick.

    Richard, keep up the good work.

  12. Hello, I have just discovered your site Richard and I find that really well, I am French and I use Megadroid worm 1.35 on FXpro since September 2010 but since December he makes only 1 or 2 trade per month what is very far from your results and in more I have an error continuously:

    “MegaDroidEURUSD, H1: Sell operation Failed- error (9);malfunctional
    trade opération (never returned error) attemps:1”

    Is what you can help me to find, I also sent to the support megadroid, I always expect a solution?

    Can you tell us how much you manages to gain per month in dollar?


  13. Hi Richard,
    I just noticed something interesting, correct me if I am wrong.

    Most of the loss trades are S2. so if we turn aggressive off this will not
    happen. I traded for 5 months on FXPRO with aggressive off and didnt have a single loosing trade. But lately I changed aggressive to true and there were
    2 loss in June which wiped out my profit and part initial amount.
    The number of trades will be less and you will lose patience trading aggressive off but in the end its gain that matters even if its small.

  14. Interesting post from Georje. Does anyone know exactly what Aggresive mode is? Also, can someone explain what S1 and S2 are? Thanks

  15. fxpro with recovery mode on. i disabled ea on my metatrader yesterday after realizing how risky md actually is. that day i had 4 trades open trading 8 lots totally inatead of the normal 1 lot. almost lost whole account balance. today i enabled md again and wanted to give it a last chance but just had a Big loss. done with md. .. sigh

  16. Hi Raj,

    Megadroid has 2 types of trades – S1 and S2. But Megadroid will only trade the S2 trades if Aggressive=true in the settings.

    S1 and S2 trades seem to have have different open signal conditions. In addition the initial profit targets of S1 trades is 10 pips, and 15 pips for S2 trades.

    As Georje pointed out, this month the losing trades have been the S2 type.

  17. Hi Stephane,

    “malfunctional trade opération ”

    –> That sounds like a technical issue. Megadroid support should be able to help you there.

    “Can you tell us how much you manages to gain per month in dollar?”

    —> If you look through the Monthly Results on this blog you’ll see my monthly pip gains and losses over the past 16 months. How much you make (or lose) will depend on the lot size. For example, if you were trading a 100k EUR/USD lot, that’s $10/pip, so a 50 pip profit month would result in a $500USD profit, and a 70 pip loss month would result in a $700 USD loss. This month has been a loss month for me so far. My average loss is about 45 pips so far in June, but some accounts have a lost over 70 pips. I personally trade a total of 250k EUR/USD lot. Last year I had 3 losing months out of 12

  18. Here’s a chart of yesterday’s losing trading – thought I’d post it for future reference. A pretty extreme day – EUR/USD tanked about 300 pips. Lots of the other majors had similar moves. No doubt this is related to the situation in Greece, and the FOMC’s recent statement.

    Forex Megadroid Trade

  19. Hi guys, Need to do some changes in settings after md recovers from the recent losses. It will take some time I guess.

    I am going back to my old settings where aggressive is turned off and risk is doubled lets say .4 or .5. Only one trade will be opened at a time and your margin would be fine.

  20. Hi Richard,

    I was wondering whether the RemoteSafetyMode MD offered is designed to prevent catastrophic loss like this.

    I would like to hear from you on whether or not we should implement it so that losses can be minimized as you know, trading is all about keeping more than you lose.

  21. Hi H,

    This sort of loss is actually nothing that unusual. I’ve been trading Megadroid since April 2009. I generally get a full loss (50 to 70 pips) every few months. Sometimes I’ve had long runs without any large losses (say 4-5 months), and sometimes I get 2 large losses in one month.

    My worse loss was around 130 pips on one day back in June 2009. It took me 2 months to recover those losses.

    I wrote this article that explains the win-loss characteristics of Megadroid. (Forex Megadroid – Don’t Get Fooled by the High Win-Rate) that might be of interest.


    I personally don’t use this feature. From what I’ve read, when it’s enabled it allows the Megadroid people to disable Megadroid when they perceive the market conditions as being “high risk”.

    There’s no question volatile conditions increase the chances of a loss, but they also provide an opportunity to make a lot of profitable trades quickly. So it’s a double-edged sword.

    My approach is to trade every day regardless of the conditions. But I make sure I trade consistent lot sizes, don’t over-leverage, and don’t use recovery mode. By doing this, and optimizing my broker selection, I’ve been able to weather these storms.

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