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Megadroid Results: Mon 27th June 2011 — 14 Comments

  1. ThinkForex
    S2 Sell 1.42872 -> 1.42875 (-0.3 pips)

    Hum.. will switch Aggressive off if get similar trade again tomorrow…

  2. All the trades have closed.

    Yes Tom, it was an S2 trade.

    I know this month has been bad for S2 trades, but in my experience S1 trades can stop out just as much as S2 trades. The important point to remember when trading S2 trades, is that it is possible to get a full loss on a S1 and S2 trade on the same day resulting in a loss in excess of 120 pips. So it’s a wise idea to be conservative with lot sizes if trading with aggressive mode on – perhaps trade half the lot size.

  3. Hello Richard, I need assistance, I do not know if I am in the good heading.

    Here I am on FX pro etdepuis which I use the version 1.35 I always have the same error message:
    “MegaDroid EURUSD, H1: Buy operation failed – error (9): malfunctional trade operation (never returned error) attempts: 1” which is repeated with each standpoint potential. I do not know what that wants to say u7en outside engineering problems.

    I have write with the support of Megadroid which tells me that comes from the broker. I contacted the broker which tells me that comes from the supplier of signal. And me while waiting for it trade not.

    Can you m’ to help?

    In does measurement or you use different broker, which is more perfomant for megadroid, ace you a result for 1 year on each broker?

    Thank you for your assistance?

  4. Hi Stephane,

    There’s a chance it’s happening because FxPro is blocking Megadroid from trading at that time. That has been happening to some people.

    Ask FxPro if that’s the case.

  5. While the Greek issue is unresolved I’ve been leaving MegaDroid turned off. Obviously the volatility can be great for a few pips, but the market will still be there next week!

  6. Thank you Richard, I think that it is the case.

    According to your followed, on which broker I must move. I would like to be able to put and remove money by bank card.

  7. Richard, can you tell me that it is the name of your real waiter at megadroid (detail)
    My serveur is FXPRO – real 02 dc3

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