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Megadroid Results: Wed 6th July 2011 — 13 Comments

  1. My MD seems to have come out of Recovery Mode long before recovering the big loss of 79 pips on 22/06/2011. I was under the impression that it attempts to recover a loss by incresing the lot size and then returning to your risk profile once the loss has been recovered? Could anyone shed some light on this?

    Thanks in advance


  2. I starded using MD yesterday and it mades a nice profit. But, since then shows a msg like this: “Expert MegaDroid EURUSD,H1: removed”. And is its not trading anymore.

    Is there any configuration or something else that i can do to works like yours??

    Thank you!


  3. The page 5 of their website shows a “Real time case study”, using the most conservative settings.

    Some things are a bit odd:
    – there is a big gap with no trades between 24th March and 16th May
    – after this gap it seems the broker isn’t charging commission charges anymore?
    – no trades after 24th June.

    Any comments?

  4. Hi Breno,

    It sounds like the Megadroid EA is no longer attached to your MT4 chart for some reason. Make sure you don’t close that chart otherwise the EA will stop running. It has to be attached to a EUR/USD chart set to the 1 hour time frame.

    You should see a smily face on the top right hand corner of the chart if the EA is running.

    The other thing do to is to make sure EA trading is enabled in the MT4 terminal (Menu:Tool->Options->Expert Advisors).

    Forex Megadroid

    If you’re still having problems you can always contact Megadroid support: support[at]forex-megadroid.com

  5. Re the trading updates this is what support emailed back with yesterday:

    “The trading statement will be updated as soon as we’ll apply new version of our robot on our trading account.”

  6. Thanks for the update Stu.
    It’s interesting that the makers of MD have not added the new version to their account yet!

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