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Megadroid Results: Mon 11th July 2011 — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Richard
    can u tell me how u tell the trade opened by Megadroid is S1 or S2 ? May be a silly qustion for you 🙁


  2. Does anyone use a Windows cloud provider at all? If so any recommendations?
    I’m currently running Megadroid on my work pc but the MT4 connection keeps failing if I ever restart it. Last night I had an issue because I had to run it on my home pc but switched it off before going to bed – net result waking up at 1am and firing up the pc again to check the trades so not feeling so great this morning.

  3. Hi Ashraf,

    To find out the trade type, you need to:

    1. Make sure “Comments” are displayed in the Account History (right click)

    and then..

    2. Create a “Detailed Report” from the MT4 account history.

    S1 = 77777773 and S2 = 33333337

  4. Unusual… I had 6 trades on Alpari UK classic:

    S2 Sell @ 1.40348 0.4 pips
    S? Sell @ 1.40348 0.4 pips
    S? Sell @ 1.40348 0.4 pips
    S? Sell @ 1.40403 0.1 pips
    S1 Sell @ 1.40403 0.1 pips
    S? Sell @ 1.40403 0.1 pips


    1) I’ve never seem Megadroid to open so many orders together… By the number of lots it opened, I was afraid to lose a lot as the risk was theoretically 60% of my account regardless I’ve set it to 20%. Does someone know why this happened?

    2) I was able to identify the type of order only on 2 orders. For the other 4 orders, the S reference didn’t match the numbers I’ve set. Any comments?

    3) Poor performance… I’ve lost money on every single order as it didn’t pay not even the swap cost.

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