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Megadroid Results: Tues 12th July 2011 — 10 Comments

  1. A bit of variation in my results today. Lots of fast spikes on EUR/USD, but only some of my accounts hit the 10 pip S1 profit target.

    Those accounts that missed the target initially, eventually closed at break-even a few hours latter.

    Slowly recovering my June loses.

  2. I had a call from VantageFX broker. He claims that they can guarantee no slippage on amounts of up to $10m. How can they do that? I thought that slippage would mainly be a function of liquidity and ping speed/speed of execution. Anyone able to enlighten me?


  3. Hi Aspro,

    No broker can guarantee no slippage on Market orders, because there’s only finite liquidity at the ask and bid price, and once that liquidity is consumed, slippage occurs.

    If you have access to a real ECN broker with level 2 (e.g. Interactive brokers or Currenex), you’ll see that there’s often only 500k to 1 mill at the bid and ask on EUR/USD during the Asian session. So it wouldn’t take many simultaneous Megadroid orders to consume that resulting in slippage.

  4. Alpari UK Classic: 2 buys 5.9 pips and 10 pips
    I notice on the MD site they have 2 sells and 1 buy at different time.

  5. Hi Stu,
    The MD site is showing 3 trades for the 12th July as 2 of them were opened after midnight on the 12th with last nights trade opened early on in the session (there is a 22hr time difference in the trade open times). It must be the brokers server time that they use which makes it confusing!

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