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Important: Version 1.36 – Make sure AutoServerGmtOffset=true — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Alex,

    They’ve never charged for updates before, so it’ll almost certainly be free.

    This issue only effects people who use manual GMT. I’ve always used auto GMT so it doesn’t impact me.

  2. I had multiple trades (6 trades…. 4 of them with different S reference as reported before!!) in a single day…. but my AutoServerGmtOffset has always been TRUE !

  3. Hi Roger,

    That sounds strange.

    I think you should forward that information to the Megadroid people :


    I’ve personally never seen multiple S1 or S2 trades open at once, and I also use AutoGmt.

  4. Hi Richard,

    I’ve reported it to Megadroid support and they said “you should never see more than 2 open positions at a time”.

    But after upgrading to version 1.36, I had:
    3 open positions by MD on 7th July
    6 open positions by MD on 11th July

    It never occurred in the previous versions and I’m really concerned as obviously it’s risking a lot more than configured.

    I’ve just replied to MD support asking what should I do to avoid it. I will keep you posted.

  5. Hi Roger,

    It does sound like a bug. I personally haven’t experienced that problem on any of my 10 accounts so far, but I’ve only been running Megadroid 1.36 for 1 week.

    Anyway, hopefully they can sort it out.

  6. Hi Richard,

    I see that MD released version 1.37 today. When do you plan on upgrading and do you have any information on the changes that were made.

  7. to Roger:

    If you have different S1 and S2 trades – then you are running several MegaDroid instances.
    That is the only possible way how it can trade multiple trades with different S1 and S2!
    S1 and S2 are the magic numbers and there is no function to change them in this EA.

  8. to Mark:

    There are no changes in strategy or money management.
    You should update only if you have any problems with current MD version.
    However, updating will not harm anyone.

  9. I have had around 30 tdreas so far, on several demo accounts with Forex MegaDroid and until now all of them where profitable.Today I started to use Forex MegaDroid on my Easy Forex Live account. It took 2 tdreas, both winners. So far so good.

  10. Re Multiple Trades:
    I have had this problem before. Check WindowsTaskManager/Users. It must have ID=0, otherwise you have multiple instances running. It could be that you opened MD on your PC and also on your VPS.

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