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Megadroid Results: Mon 1st Aug 2011* — 11 Comments

  1. The day after the US passed the debt ceiling vote. Perhaps the market will stabilise a bit now.

    I’ve decided to continue trading with RemoteSafetyMode disabled on all of my accounts.

  2. i got one trade today. But after that, the ‘trading disabled’ message appears again even though i set the ‘RemoteSafety’ to false. Is anyone with me?

  3. I suspect there’ll be ongoing instability in the financial markets for several more months at least.

    As soon as the US debt situation stops making headlines, the problems in Greece and other Eurozone countries will start gaining attention again.

    This is good and bad news for Megadroid. The good news is that we’ll continue to get an above average number of trades each month, but the bad news is the risk of a large loss is higher. It’ll just be a question of whether the larger number of profit trades will be enough to offset any losses.

    I’m personally not changing my trading approach i.e. I’ll continue to trade every day regardless, and continue with the same money management. I guess I’ll know in a few months time whether or not this was the correct decision.

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