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Megadroid Results: Mon 5th Sep 2011 — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Richard
    I’ve noticed AlpariUK doing a *lot* of requotes recently while placing manual trades. I assume it is because of general high volatility, but still, should this worry us Alpari clients?

  2. Hi Armin,

    I personally only use MT4 brokers for EA trading. I rarely use them for manual trading because the order execution can be terrible – i.e. requotes, disconnects, slippage. I think I tried Alpari for manual trading about 2 years ago and had a similar experience i.e. excessive requotes.

  3. Interactive Brokers. I mostly use them for stock trading, but their spot fx execution is pretty good. Their platform’s a bit complex, and the leverage is lower (1:40 or 1:20). I think the minimum is 10kUSD to open an account. I also occasionally trade currencies using Globex futures. I have several futures brokers. I also have a TD Ameritrade account which does much the same as Interactive Brokers. All these brokers are much bigger than the typical MT4 broker.

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