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October 2011 Summary — 7 Comments

  1. Well October was obviously an excellent month for the Megadroid strategy. Lots of trades, and a decent profit per trade return.

    I’ve recovered my June to August losses a bit earlier than I expected.

    For those new to this strategy, it’s important to appreciate that such high monthly returns are not normal. There’s going to be good and bad months for Megadroid over the next 12 months. The key is being consistent, having a longer term outlook, and not over-leveraging so that you can endure the loss months when they happen.

  2. hi Richard

    did u use a special programm to count the pips?
    i’m asking ’cause metatrader doesnt show the number of pips,
    do you know what i mean?


  3. Hi Siegfried,

    Yes, I wrote a simple script that gets the trade details off my statements and calculates pip profit or loss. This saves me a lot of time because I’m monitoring the performance of 10 trading accounts. It also ensures I’m recording my trades accurately. I then paste that information in this trade journal blog. Before June 2010, I used to just paste this information into an excel spreadsheet for my own use.

  4. Hi henk,

    The setup I have is a bit complex actually. It’s not really in a state I can send.

    I should write something generic and post it on this site. It’s a simple thing to do. I’ll look into it.

  5. Hi Richard,

    Something to monitor pips would be greatly appreciated if you want to take the time to write it and include simple instructions.

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