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Megadroid Results: Wed 5th Oct 2011 — 10 Comments

  1. My FxPro sell order was rejected, and I got no trades on some of the other accounts because of excessive spreads. The EUR/USD spread on FXDD at the time of the trade was 15 pips.

  2. Hi Victor,

    Those sort of variations in trades do happen. Sometimes I get a trade someone else doesn’t get at the same broker, and sometimes the reverse happens. These variations should average themselves out over time.

  3. I received the following reply from MD with regard to RSM not working occasionally:

    “The problem was in 1.36 version, but we redesigned it in the latest 1.37 version, so Remote Safety Mode is working correctly.”

    I was using v1.37 when my account took the trade so I dont think its fixed.

  4. I wonder how your accounts are doing. Today, my FxPro account regained all July’s losses. So as of today, I am starting to make profit. Let’s see for how long.

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