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Megadroid Results: Tues 11th Oct 2011 — 12 Comments

  1. I seem to get the same trades as Richard on my Alpari UK Classic account, but was always 1-3 pips off. So have changed my VPS from Canada based to UK based, with a promised latency of <1ms. So hoping that will solve the problem.

    Richard…. do you use multiple VPS locations for your different brokers?

  2. I think that in last month volatility are on very high level, so we have a lot of trades. And that is the reason, why they add RSM feature.
    It`s good to know, that MD team adapting to the market conditions.
    ATC – 12 pips.

  3. Hi Pete,

    I actually don’t use a VPS. I run my MT4 terminals on a spare home computer. My ping times are terrible, but it doesn’t seem to effect the performance that much. I tried using a VPS, but didn’t see much difference in results.

  4. Hi Richard,

    I compare my IBFX results with yours. Usually you have a several second delay from my times. However, most of the time you seem to do better with that lag.

  5. Hi Richard,
    I bought it a couple of weeks ago, however, it hasen’t placed any trades at all so far. Been trying to figure out why. One thing I noticed is, that most of the trades are placed at around the time of late hours 20.00 hrs to 24.00 hrs, can I ask what time is that EST or what?
    I am in Australia and usually don;t have it running at night. If I can have an idea of what the timings of your trades are, I can make sure I have it on at that time.

  6. Hi Maqsood,

    Remember the times I’m showing in my results, are the broker’s server time. The timezones used will vary from broker to broker.

    Megadroid only opens trades between 4PM and 6PM EST. (EST is New York time). Once a trade is open, it’ll remain open for up to 12 hours. Usually the open trades close within an hour or 2, but sometimes they stay open for the full 12 hours.

    So, if you don’t have your computer running between 4PM and 6PM EST you won’t get any trades.

    You can use a site like the one below to find out the current EST.


    Currently 4PM EST is 7AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). But that will change when EST changes to non-daylight savings time in a few weeks.

    One more thing, just make sure:


  7. Hi Mark,

    My ping time to the IBFX server is around 200ms.

    When I was using a VPS, I did notice that sometimes the slow orders did get better fills that the faster orders sent from the VPS with a low ping time. This was a surprise, because I always assumed lower latency was a benefit. I’m not sure why, but perhaps there’s congestion with the early orders, and the slower order bypass this.

  8. Thanks alot Richard, that helps big time, I never had it on at that time. I will make sure it is running at those times and see what happens.

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