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Megadroid Results: Tues 18th Oct 2011 — 8 Comments

  1. FxPro: +4 pips

    Strange that Your instance did +10.6pips (that is 2x my result). Maybe
    it had something that I lowered my risk settings for this night because of the news flashes

  2. Looks like MD made 2 seperate trades. First on 23.07 with approx +3 pips. Those who did not make the first trade, MD opened a position at 23.10 with +7 pips result.

  3. Lots of variability in the results today. Looks like the accounts that did best closed their trades within 10-20 minutes. I assume this is because there was a spike that hit the take profit target early on some accounts, but just missed out on others.

    I’m surprised by the number of trades we’ve got this month, and the great returns. Unfortunately this is not normal, but it does help recover from those loss months we’ve had recently.

  4. Hi Ross,

    That’s a good question.

    RSM would have prevented 2 large losses in early August:



    Both those losses were around 60 pips, so a total loss of about 120 pips would have been prevented.

    Since then it hasn’t prevented any losses, but has blocked around 30-40 pips of profit trades.

    So, if you were using it since the start of August, you’d be around 80 pips better off.

    Unfortunately, I only started using RSM after those 2 large losses in August, so I’m actually 40 pips worse off. If I used RSM from the start of August I would have been around +60 pips positive for that month, rather than -60 pips negative.

    So the question is will the losses it prevents outweigh the profit trades it blocks? I’m still unsure of the benefit. At this stage I’m running RSM on 8 of my 10 accounts, and I’ll review the results over the next few months.

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